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Big brother back in action?

The ‘big brother scenario’ was meant simply as a warning by George Orwell regarding the future in his beautiful novel nineteen eighty four. He described a future where the government observes a

A new status symbol

In June 2006, “Google” ,as a verb, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. If the past few years are any indication, the word  “Facebook” cannot be far behind. I’m sure we’ll

Say Cheeeeeezeee !!!

Staring into the morning sky, with the delicious sun making its entrance into the phase of earth, even though a lazy Sunday dawn, there I was standing with my martial arts stick,

iOS 7 - Forward or Wayward?

The release of something new by Apple is is always accompanied by hype and excitement. Back in the olden days, Jobs carried them off with a signature elan, in his turtleneck shirt

My date with technology

Walking through the meadows I was, with a certain warmth I felt in my hands. My fingers clutched tight as I walked past this beautiful spring of waters. I had the best

Are we in the Matrix?

Theories of afterlife have fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Afterlife is one of the first fascinations for man and the basis of many faiths and religions. As man has evolved, these theories

500 bucks…………. Are you game?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the unbeatable smart phone in the market. Or so they say…Not sure? OK! Let’s play a game. You are blindfolded, and given S4 and S3 in your hands…

Through the ‘looking’ Glass

“ok glass,say hello friend in spanish.” Voila “HOLA AMIGO,” is displayed on the your sun-glasses. Sounds like one of those gadgets in Duck Dodgers? Say hola to the new smart phone, or

Facebook Home: the new ‘it’ ?

Google’s Android has become the mobile operating system every one unanimously loves. It is the next generation of portable personal computer, or maybe not. The one disadvantage in Android bugging every smart-phone-maniac

Invisibility: a possible reality?

The invisible man. The third deathly hallow. Invisibility spells, charms and hexes… Hell, just watching the devilish grin on your favorite game character’s face as he becomes unseen, stalking his prey sends