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Bio entanglement Physics- or theory (BET) is the subject that deals with the interconnectivity of life systems (remember Vittoria Vetra in Angels and Demons?). It is, in a nutshell, the desire to


Where would you go for a dream vacation? Paris? London? Or to some exotic location in Africa? How about something different? Something out of the world. Quite literally. How about…a celestial vacation?

Ctrl+P into the 3rd Dimension

Of late, the latest keyword to be buzzing in the world of technological innovation is 3D printing. The technological world is abuzz with excitement on how 3D printers are the future. This

Obsessed with your mobile?

Nomophobia – is the scientific term for “fear of being out of mobile phone contact”. It is a state of mental suffering when your phone becomes inactive due to lack of battery,


Science is stranger than fiction. It abounds with theories which seem impossible to regular minds like you and me. Ever imagined a world where NIT is better than IIT? Where India is

Houston, We Have A Problem

The Earth is simply a pinprick in the realms of the unknown. No other agency pays tribute to that line more than NASA. Coverage of the moon landing of 1969, which was

Sci Fi-Genius and Stupidity

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. This is was what one of the greatest minds in the field of Science told the world and not

Understanding Einstein- Part 1

The special  theory of relativity and the photoelectric effect-the first is what Einstein is more popularly known for to the multitude of people-even if the theory in itself is not easily understood-and

Quibids: goldmine or grave?

Quibids, a site that sells items for less than one percent of its cost at times… a goldmine waiting for people to dig. A company that runs into loss because company owners

Wells : Bringing Science to Life

Take any popular science magazine. The first page will probably say:”Quantum Invisibility Cloak Prototype Released.” A few pages down the line, you might find a write up on Martian sightings in California.