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To evolve or not to evolve?

If I tell you that religion and science have had major conflict, how would you respond? Perhaps you would disagree with me, stating that they must go hand in hand, or perhaps

R.I.P. Telegram : Memories from my Military Life

During the early years in my Air Force career, telegrams were our leave-line. It was a sure shot way to get leave sanctioned in the unlikeliest of the situations. It was an

Moon Landing Hoax:How Mickey Mouse Scammed and Micheal Jackson Died

So what if I told you Mickey Mouse was a part of the conspiracy that fooled you into believing that first man landed on the moon? A part of the hoaxes staged


Amidst the blistering cold and treacherous terrain, two men trudged forward. Their aim? To achieve one the greatest of human endeavors; climb the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. To succeed

Hinduism: A Way of Life.

An introduction to Hinduism. Though it seems ideal, this is how it is believed to once have been. Religion is a way of life. A simple statement, but one who’s value has

The Kims’ Plaything

After the latest series of altercations in the Korean peninsula, North Korea is teetering on the brink of all-out warfare, conventional and nuclear. With the cessation of communication over the 38th Parallel,

The Mystery of the Marree Man

Until that morning the William Creek Hotel only received fax messages from customers who wanted to express their gratitude for their service. Occasionally, there would be those who complained. But this morning

The Discovery of Geoglyphs

Alceu Ranzi was comfortably seated in his private airplane. He was gliding at an altitude of a few thousand feet above his farm in Acre. It was the summer of 1977. Ranzi

Elixirs of life gone missing

The terrible power crises across Tamil Nadu has kept me wondering if we were the unlucky generation.  Well, until I googled it, I was wrong .  The contemporary power and water crises


With the advancement in technology man seems to think he was able to reduce the degree of mistakes he committed. Unfortunately it turns out that the intensity of mistakes committed have just