With the advancement in technology man seems to think he was able to reduce the degree of mistakes he committed. Unfortunately it turns out that the intensity of mistakes committed have just overshot with the help of technology itself. That’s the irony.

Its said that “All is fair in love and war”, but its not fair to love just war and not lives of people. On August 6th, 1945, the World’s largest firecracker was lit at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Killing almost 70,000 people and leaving the rest mutilated and charred. Most of the active population had become radio-active. This catastrophe of 1945 still remains as the top most massacre for citizens of Japan. What did the US achieve from this? A firecracker show? What was going through the pilots mind?

Nagasaki: Before and After

Factories always scare me.  Their size, the complexity and also the monstrous noise they make. My fears were justified when the poor maintenance, miscalculation and of course the lack of engineering expertise at the Bhopal factory caused a leak of dangerous chemical gases. The Union Carbide Cooperation’s callousness had victimized 20,000 people and a settlement of 470 million dollars!  Since when was money=life?

Complaining about the high costs of petrol? Well here is what happened in The Gulf on 23rd January 1991. In order to prevent landing by the U.S. Marines, Hussein ordered Iraqi soldiers to spill oil clouds into Persian Gulf. Over 600 oil wells blew up and the burning continued for seven months. It has been estimated that the slick reached up to 6787 km2.The effect on the wildlife disturbed the ecological balance. Thank you Hussein for the luxurious petrol cost for luxury car.

Churn no hard feelings as two nuclear reactors were kept working till 2000. One of the worst nuclear disasters due to perfunctory researchers was at the Chernobyl. The failure of the nuclear reactors caused the explosion and an impact almost 400 fold the Hiroshima disasters. However the deaths were comparatively less and it left most of the citizens of the USSR with Leukemia and other carcinogenic diseases. Well any disaster is a disaster after all.

In the night-time, on 24th March 1989, Joseph Hazelwood named ship captain ran aground on Prince Williams Sound’s Bligh Reef with the American oil tanker, EXXON VALDEZ. Due to this a million drums of crude oil loaded tanker spilled out crude oil into the natural coastline of Alaska’s Prince William Sound.  This incident contaminated every individual beach and ecosystem that existed within that huge area. This oil slick killed large number of sea birds, sea otters, killer whales and countless other wildlife. Clean up process was aided by over 12,000 people. Butter fingers eh captain?

This just concluded the top 5 disasters across the world. With the pace of advancement in technology, it does leave me wondering if nations are actually competing for the rankings in disasters. Well, all that I would be left to say is, ”What man has made of man!” .

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