Revisiting A Forgotten Universe

There comes a point of time in the life cycle of any person or concept when it is clutched tightly by the grubby hands of self-doubt and consequently finds itself stranded in an identity crisis. A decade ago, Cartoon Network had been thriving under the very same mask - Quietly experimenting and rehashing it’s programs to fit itself into the lives of a newer, younger generation of people. However, what it has effectively done is alienate it’s older fanbase and administer a weirder grade of programming for the newer ones.

Let’s have a look at a few of the current set of programs :

The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange :

What began as a web series is now mainstay on regular programming. The show follows the surreal adventures of Orange his fruit companions : Pear, Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and Grandpa Lemon. The supermarket where the show has it’s main setting is named after the cybernym of the creator of the show - Dane Boedigheimer.



Regular Show

Surreal being the theme of the channel, the Regular Show gives credence to the same. The show revolves around an anthropomorphic raccoon and blue, respectively,  Rigby and Mordecai, both employees at a local theme park, and their various attempts at slacking off from work. Later in the series, they befriend an intern named Thomas and help him adjust to life at the theme park.



Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

As the name would indicate, this particular show would’ve been best kept a secret. By far, the worst of the bunch has been heavily panned by critics ever since it’s inception. The show involves five monsters, called “Disgustoids”, who are unleashed into the earth through a freak magic portal. The bulk of the story contains their vain attempts toward finding a way for peaceful coexistence with humans.


Adventure Time

The one outlier in a sea of mediocrity. Adventure Time is the one series that has precisely tapped it’s potential in terms of experimental beauty and imagination. Created by Pendleton Ward and set in post-apocalyptic world, albeit subtle hints are made towards the same, the main protagonists of the show are Finn the Human and his best friend Jake, a talking dog with a multitude of magical prowess, including the ability to shape shift at will. Together, they set out on their adventures interacting with all the mystical forces and events in the Land Of Ooo.

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