Bump into the Night

Everybody always talks about stuff that goes bump in the night but do we ever think about what might be lurking on us right now and what might coexist right alongside us? Have we ever thought about what the little billions and billions of things surrounding us could do?

Here is the story of a man who wanted too much and what the universe gave him when he asked for it.

The hair on my body rises and I know that I am being chased. I want to run but I stop myself because I have to see how theses monsters look but most of all I want to know if they feel pain too. I am going to hurt them in any and every way I know and I just hope that I do not regret it. But in case I do die, it would not matter now, would it?

So now I am going to regale you all with a tale as to why I am so very curious about all that goes bump in the night.

I was 18 and broke. Now that I remember, those good old days it seems a life time away from the person I am right now. Anyway, during those times I used to work as bouncer for a club and quite enjoyed my job. I was huge, still am and all I had to do was stand there and put on a scary face. I was a month into the job when I met the craziest chick ever. She was waiting in line just like a normal woman when she all of a sudden turned abnormal. There is no other way to describe the change, she just changed. One minute she’s texting and the next she’s looking up with a very very predatorial look in her eyes. She looks right past me into the club’s interior and you could just see her gauging the distance she had to run to get inside. Me, being the very inquisitive person I am waved her over and let her in. And then I, being the very foolish person I am too followed her in.

She went past the tables, the dance floor and then I knew for certain that her destination was the private rooms at the back. She went to the first room and came back out looking pretty disgusted. The second room had her cursing and the third, well she came back running and that made me wonder what she saw in there. So she goes into the fourth room and this time she stays in there. When I reached there, I heard the loud, heated whispers coming from beyond the curtain and I risked a peep. What I saw shocked me and stunned me but most of all caused me to go weak kneed with relief. I was now certain that there are things that go bump in the night. Oh, I am not talking about the vampires, werewolves and all that fairy-goblin stuff; I am talking the real deal here; humans controlled by the lesser beings. I saw the woman and a man, her acquaintance probably with standing over a very still body and the words that jarred me the most were; “Now we can infect her and make her really susceptible to our brethren.”

We always think we are at the top of the food chain but we are not the beings that live in abundance on Earth. Have you thought about viruses; about the fact their only function is to procreate regardless of the circumstance of the host; about bacteria, about how they have formed this very intricate system with humans? It’s true. Very true in fact. Humans die if all the bacteria on them are killed so you can be sure that we shall never be rid of those pesky creatures. They shall always be there. They just diversify. If a human goes too near the sun, he is going to fry, but bacteria? We sure as hell have no idea of finding out do we? Those damn things exist even in vacuum.

So now here we are back again in the alley with my hair all standing up. I keep my feet apart and brace myself for the blow that is going to knock me out, but I never get it. I see a guy dressed in black run past me and two more men following him. Damn!

Now what to do?

-Vyjayanthi N V

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