Book Review: Be Careful What You Wish For

Volume Four of the Clifton Chronicle Series by Jeffrey Archer, Be Careful What You Wish For, is another book that ends with a cliff hanger and the promise of a sequel. Having read the first two books of this series and missing the third did not make much difference to my understanding of the story line and you can bank on that as well. That is the best part and sadly, hardly anything else seems to be impressing.

The plot has been stretched over four books now and seems to be turning into a never ending story line. The style is repetitive and reminds you of the last couple of books penned by Jeffrey Archer.

The story revolves around the Barringtons and the Cliftons(obviously) and is written from the perspective of 7 characters. It is straight with little twists and the most of the story talks about the attempts of the villain (Don Pedro Martinez) to destroy the Barringtons and Cliftons (quite literally at times). Most of them seem successful and not until the very end does the “good” side catch up (for a while). The climax ends on a rather abrupt note, like always. A new character introduced, something extremely surprising or violent happens and full stop.

Harry Clifton finds something odd towards the end and the next version might or might not revolve around such clues we collect as we turn the detective mode on by the end of the book.

Reading a Jeffrey Archer novel has turned out to be guilty pleasure that an unstoppable adrenaline rush. Read the title once again and probably that will stop your expectations from reaching too high.

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