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Indian Cinema: The glam sham

The man who proved to the world that a second innings is possible at 50, the only man who can manage to get 5,941,176 likes for his Facebook page, the “coolest” 71

The Dreaded JEE-Fair? Where?

It’s that time of the year again when a computer screen can make lakhs of students jump up in air or fall to the ground. Thanking god that I’m not on the

When simplicity is losing its edge

Vacations come, especially after the freshman year and you seem to be the only person who doesn’t have work that is classified as work to do in the house! Thus the list

The locker behind the pocket

“Rishwat dena to khud papa ne sikhaya” (My dad has taught me the concept of bribe) Aamir Khan says in 3 idiots. A very simple sentence, but look at it a little

Picture Perfect

They remind you of yourself-your stupidity, your anger, your innocence and everything you have been. They are the treasure you have, a memory of those moments of paradise you cannot dream to

Rays of hope or dead end?

The biggest misconception in people’s minds today is that one more plastic bag will not make a difference. The idea that just ‘me’ is not enough to make a change has rooted


Dresses shabbily in clothes miles away from the trend or any kind of trend, with thick glasses covering a major portion of the face, eyes deep inside, prominent dark circles, walking with


Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face……well, with the craze of the confessions going on now, this statement is proving itself. A new idea started by

Conditions Apply

Buy one get one free! 80% discounts on all apparels! Just 30 paise per minute for all STD calls! Sale here sale there, sale sale everywhere!! In the adrenaline rush that we

Still Developing

Politicians, teachers and your grandparents, everyone talks about how rich a culture India has, how we have a history that dates way back in time. Unfortunately, our mindsets along with our country