A Phenomenon called Rajinikanth

The other day I was sitting at the reception of my dad’s firm, waiting by his usual delay to join us for a dinner programme.  Just then, the receptionist seemed to have contacted my dad’s PA and spelt the word. “Rajinikanth?”. Almost, all of us ( family and strangers) turned to gaze in astonishment, almost lionising that poor PA and ripping his identity for India’s Superstar. 

Now, why did I have to state that example in the first place?  It is to justify my belief about how sensational this actor has transpired to become to literally make that name his own (though he was named Shivaji Rao Gaikwad).  Pity on anyone else who attempts to copy his name, they are compromising on their identity.

With Raja Bahadur- Bus driver

“If one can’t dance , if one is dark and he is the finest celebrity, he is Rajinikanth”,  said our dare devil ,Ram Gopal Varma. Many a times I wonder what was in this man that made K.Balachander, ex-director of Tamil cinemas give him a break. To most of you who don’t know who Rajinikanth is ( pun intended ) let me make a brief ( unnecessary) attempt to talk about him and spice it up with interesting facts. Born in a Marathi family, he grew up losing parents and engaging in a bus services in Bangalore as a conductor. Dark skinned, colloquial slang and unskilled he was with naive acting skills. There was no reason what so ever for him to remain confident about his acting career , yet he did. He had dispassionate support from his bus driver, his partner who was his backbone and financial aid then. Even now our dear “Thalaiva” is known to furtively visit his housein a masquerade before launch of his films when he needs mental support from his benefactor , Raja Bahadur.

Meditation in the caves- Himalayas

Rajinikanth had swag, a unique and attractive way to keep his audience thrilled. He would catch a cigar with his mouth by throwing it up, he would turn his shades before wearing them and also sit erect and confident with his eyes piercing into others’. He had the charisma and confidence and most importantly, spiritual inclination. Media such as Vijay TV are known to have travelled along with him on his spiritual tours to Himalayas where he sought to meditate for tranquillity and connect with his masters.

A man of not only  billions in his account but a huge feather in his cap with million fans , plethora of fan clubs and busting audience who crave for his movies abroad such as Japan. With two daughters, loyal relationship with his wife and distributors (reimburses during flops) and simple chappals and kurtha during his award ceremony,  some really wonder how he has successfully maintained a stable mind and physic at the age of 60+.

To add onto Ram Gopal Verma’s quote “If a man cannot dance, if a man is not fair complexioned, if a man can afford a charted flight and politics yet remains grounded  and sports sandals, if a man is aged above 60+ and is yet romancing heroines of his daughter’s age on screen and people accept it, it has to be Rajinikanth!”

This is yet another story of rags to riches. So, next time you under estimate anyone around whom you consider undeserving or unequal to your stature , you never know! ~~

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Initial condition : Reading this

Wait! You made a decision just a moment ago! And what was it?  To read this article of course.  Did you know that the decision you just made might change your life? In naive terms this decision might make you come across a new word in this article- you might use that new word in your interview- the impressed HR might hire you- your passion might increase towards writing with you starting your own blog- your readership might increase or you might even become an author by interest. Did you know that the decision you made might have such a big confluence of events knitted to it ?

Butterfly Effect- graphical method

What I am trying to arrive at is that, every single step we make in this ether, ever single thought we grow, every single action we take and every single idea we have can transform things around like nothing you have seen before. I am taking about the Chaos theory often known as the butterfly effect. Chaos theory states that a small change in the initial conditions can trigger an entire new trajectory of events. To help you surmise I would like to give you a simple example. Consider a small pendulum with a bob attached to its end. Let’s presume you have given a push of 10 units to this setup. The pendulum might follow a trajectory – A. Now change the initial conditions by providing a push of 5 units. Now the trajectory of this pendulum will be B. I hope this example justifies the importance of initial conditions to trigger any event. Corollary to that, so do the ideas you chose to bring out of your mind into the universe cause.

The chaos theory is applicable in all walks of life including, educational subject like biology, physics, engineering and even advanced subjects like philosophy itself. The next time you feel stuck with a visage of anxiety in a kerfuffle, just close your eyes and smile because you never know what it all means in near future!

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A Writing paradox

What do I write on? Where do I begin?  ……..  I feel lost in the sea of ideas. Should I write about the scrumptious meal I had last weekend at a fine dining restaurant or about the trending news topics that will attract more viewers to my website? I find myself in such a sorry state of not being shrewd.

I remember my friend grumbling about the same situation in his previous semester examination. The voice of my mom mentioning the concept of creative menopause rang in my ears. It sent a chill up my spine. Am I suffering from the same? This phenomenon happens to many musicians, film makers and artists who spin their life around creativity. I shook my head in denial not willing to accept I might be a victim at such an early age. I needed help. I needed someone to fine tune my thought process and help me pick one concrete idea I could solidly work on.


I fisted the table in frustration and pulled my hair in agony. What is wrong with me? I was familiar with such moments that make your mind go blank;  Blank like the space between the earth and the sun. The space that connects planets and makes the solar system a family. The very same space that great astronauts like Jim Lovell spent in for a month to return home safe after a failed Apollo mission 13. The portrayal by Tom hanks in the very same movie was enriching to watch. I know not if he won the Oscars though he surely deserved one. Hold on! PAUSE! Mind is running astray!

I did a very meditative breathing and sat silent with my index finger against my forehead. What do I write on? Wait a minute. Do I have to hunt for topics anymore? Voila! Nailed it!!!

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Friend or Foe?

The two term prime minister of Britain, Benjamin Disraeli once said “Fear makes us feel our humanity “.  When I stumbled upon his quote in my prime, I hardly believed I understood what he had to convey. As children, we are always fun loving, care free and our parents bear the brunt of our tantrums. They pep our spirits up and save our day most of the time.

It’s when you slowly start growing older that your fears transcend from simple concepts like the dark/ class teacher/ principal to life/family/friends/opportunities/love. My life so far had several twists and turns, it has always been sinusoidal- ups and downs. I am known to be a person of determination but I know that I lack consistency a bit. I cannot say the credit belongs to me. I was not a solitary soldier, I had multiple divine interventions.

Face your fear!

As a tot of 2nd grade, I feared my swimming classes the most. I couldn’t float my thin body and I succumbed to absconding my turn to jump and swim across the pool during classes. I would cunningly manage to send every friend of mine forward in queue and waste the entire time and walk out happy. Eventually this didn’t work at all. I gradually realised one thing. I was not afraid to swim!  I was afraid of drowning. ! There is a huge difference.  It took me a lot of time to pamper my heart and make my muscles work constructively to float me. I became the master of swimming, I conquered my fear.

People who are average performers in class will be very light minded and easy going attitude. They do not face a lot pressure of competition. They know the trick to be calm and cool and yet be happy with what they receive. Sometimes, I envy them. My fear of exam and fear of losing my image amongst people has been one of the major impetuses to do well in my examinations always. But I realise this ain’t true spirits. I still suffer from this fear of a proper future without good exam performance. I fear acceptance in the world and I know I must give up on it and learn the cool attitude and yet be responsible.

Fear is an inevitable part of human being. Fear of fire has made us invent extinguishers, fear of meat has given us agricultural inclination, fear of flowing rivers has given us bridges; fear is an integral part of life that makes us better individuals marching towards progress. Fear has to be faced. We have to work on it. Fixing a fear can make changes to your monotonous life. Change can be really enriching and enlightening. I am today the best swimmer of my class capable of underwater swimming along the pool length, a person working on the fear he captivates for the people he loves and an individual motivated to improve himself and stand out, not on the basis of fear of rejection from the world, but an optimism that will make me unique. Remember guys, “To fix it, Risk it! “. !

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Enigmatic 89

I woke up this morning and could only instantaneously relate to a dream that I had a few days before the announcement of my twelfth standard results. Back then, I had dreamt about a middle-aged teacher with a number of answer scripts and I could see the number ‘89’ in red ink on the topmost paper, with such graphic detail. Two days later I found that it was the exact score of mine in my English paper.
What are dreams? They are messages that come from the unconscious part of the mind. The mental body, or our mind, is the basis of all of our desires, feelings, and emotions, having many memories from our life. Spiritually speaking, this mind can be divided into the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind. The conscious mind comprises of nothing but our thoughts that we create, while the sub-conscious mind is more about intuitions, the sense of unexplained knowing.
The third division, the unconscious mind, is that which we will invariably be unaware of. It is this which contains so many details that are stored in such an impervious way owing to their power. The impassable nature of the unconscious mind is explained by the notion that the details it stores are too powerful and overwhelming for a person to be able to freely access.
Dreams are simply the doors to this unconscious mind that do not remain open for a long time. Dreams are known to give solutions, give inputs to make decisions, explain a cycle from our past or even answer the questions we put to our own mind, with the contents of its unconscious division.

Classifications of electro magnetic state of brain

The fascination with dreams is because it’s mysterious and gives access to the inaccessible. A fascination so clearly shown in the vigorous studies into the cognitive neuroscience of dreams. The importance and attention given to psychics and ‘dream interpreters’ is a whole new story.
But why did I in the first place, even relate to the dream about my score in the English paper that I had two years ago? Because I woke up this morning after I had a dream where I jubilantly returned home in a Porsche with a boxes of pizza stashed into the backseat, so excitedly calling my family to see what I had got, before the car rolled down the slope into the lamppost and the pizzas tragically plonked onto the road. Am I going to buy a Porsche? Am I going to get some pizza? Or am I going to drop the pizza I might be bringing back home? Or hey am I really going to forget the brakes of my Porsche and watch it ram into a lamppost? I sure would love the services of a dream interpreter!
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Silver screen pandemonium


It’s when your interest shifts to the freshly made crunchy popcorn that you realise the movie is totally not to your taste.  Be it the jarring noise of the Dolby digital in the theatre or the regular films that have failed to live up to their promise, films have always shaped or mobilized the crowds and nurtured their thinking.

In the yore, actors like MGR or Shivaji Ganeshan adopted socially responsible films, while few were definitely oriented towards their political agenda. If you carefully note, they were smart to choose socially acceptable films and it helped Dr.MGR become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu eventually. His films and its messages were clearly successful in pulling the audience to his side and shaping their thought process into electing him as their chief minister. He was being prudent in understanding that films do shape social thinking.

Films of the present day are more oriented towards glamour and have become a mere tool of entertainment. While the society has made it facile for men of all ages and all paunch sizes to fit into a hero image, they still cling on to accepting only a size zero or fair looking woman capable enough of causing incongruous sexual intentions to them. Keeping this gender bias aside, do you think the opportunities a female get in this glamorous domain is worth her dignity? How many films these days are without a regular item song, illogical fight sequences, liquor and smoke?

Our film industries at present have become commercialized to merely severe as a spectacle to its audience but not as an inspiration to be better citizens. Portraying raunchy scenes has literally become a tool and compulsion that it has taken society to a level where the film wouldn’t be accepted otherwise. How many films with genuine social messages, respect towards woman are being encouraged these days? We purchase tickets and don’t mind leaving the hall excited by the dirty foot tapping numbers and look at every single girl or woman with disrespect. At the same time we fail to voice our concerns to the film industry as socially responsible people.


Most of you might have a misconception that western industry is much better. Infact, they too engage in standard concepts.  Every average film will have pets to not invoke animal rights issue, the hero is always alive, his co star is his pleasure toy atleast once on screen, blasts, noise and heavy technical manipulation,  a term most often used- “ Mr. President”  and at the end of the day Americans save the entire world . They are no far behind in instilling false ideas into their viewers.

Where is our world going? Isn’t the film industry not just for entertainment but for social responsibility too? Are we purchasing tickets to make more rapists and munch popcorn or to feel good and encourage social tolerance? Film industries are the ones responsible for the troubles most of the women face in terms of eve teasing, disrespect or worst physically being handled. We need to wake and shake ourselves of this rotten meal they are feeding us before we are poisoned to wake the devil in us. Exercise some self control and have gender acceptance only then change can be seen.

I must take this opportunity to list a few directors at present who embrace this conscious : Shekar Kammula  ( Tollywood ) , Shankar ( Kollywood )  , Ashutosh Guwariker( Bollywood) .  Encourage good films and directors . Let them make films for us and not for their career alone!  As you watch the film,  put yourself in the directors’ shoes. Will you make such films that your children might watch growing up ? Can you hold you heads up high? Think!………


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Sitting with a pretty girl

I feel grim. Something seems to have been forcibly snatched from my clutches. I was happy couple of minutes ago. But, right now? I sense gloominess and a dragging feel.

It was about a month and half back.  I remember walking back from the exam hall, having completed the last semester paper and fluttering incessantly towards the canteen to make a toast for the vacations ahead.  The memory is still fresh and the occurrence seems like a couple of days ago. But here I am now, lost in feelings of separation from my happy niche.  I am awestruck at the pace of life sometimes.  Everything rolls like a movie we enjoy: You know you have experienced it but you also know it will remain a mere memory after it ends.

Time Flies

Einstein was known to be a man of science and philosophy too. His grey matter came up with a simple statement to help people fathom the paradigm of relativity. He said ” Put your hand on a  Hot stove for a minute , it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an  hour and it seems like a minute” .

My entire month of non academic schedule, impromptu rendezvous with friends, orientation and extra curricular activities all seem to be blown off and dusted like a handful of talk stains. Everything seems to have vanished in a wink and I see myself sitting here, having travelled 300 miles from home and into my hostile hostel still wondering how time flies and escapes as we blink.

Student life is back to routine : Class rooms- attendance - professors- Exams - marks - grades -  nerdy jokes - Sleepless nights . The phase of the pretty girl seems to have drawn its  curtain and all of us are back to touching the hot stove !

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Who am I?

Can you think of the most difficult question that the present generation faces? Not able to get one? Well, to make it much more simpler let me tell you my personal experience. Interviews are known to berserk its contenders and leave them disappointed most of the time. Acing an interview and clinching a job is known to be an art in itself. Being a part of a culturally brimming college, I have faced several interviews that filtered the best for their clubs. Just when you know you ought not to begin your sentences with a stammering or long pause and awkward eye ball movements that throw the interviewer into terrible first impressions, there comes the question that destroys your self esteem and just born courage:  “So, Who are you? Tell me something about yourself! “.

Why do most people categorise this question as the one that scourges the confidence away? I believe I know why. What most people fail to do is understand oneself and one’s personal needs.

Do you know yourself?

In this busy world today, all that most men or women are interested is the outer world, the entourage they carry around, the property or possessions their family owns, the likes and dislikes of their spouse, the gossips waft in air and all the nonsense that unfortunately propels the world like a gallivanting destitute.  We people these days are so preoccupied with our work that we fail to give time to ourselves, to pause and seek what we at most desire and break of a routine moribund livelihood. We really do not know ourselves well enough to describe properly without much thought. We are living such an artificial life filled with so much of portentous self learning.  Our interests lie not in ourselves any more, but the skirmishes in the streets or humorous sobriquet your group has for you that is making you grim all day.

We have to spend time with ourselves more, seek what we wish the most, study our tastes, know our own personality and instead of becoming experts in others character, aim at a more munificent attempt to fathom ourselves. Lest we  become sitting ducks to the most simplest things of the world, ie, knowing yourself , which is an art that no one else can.

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Why you do what you do

Every law or a rule does have glitches they come with. While there are several pathos of ritualistic thinking, there is always a specific reason as to why the law or rule was framed. Though the principle does have a minority it doesn’t cater to, it is said to be amicable only when it can be changed with time and adapt to the then circumstances for simpler living.

There are several reasons or examples for the same. Taking Muslim practise into account as our first case, the concept of slaying goats or taking bath once a year alone was introduced at a time when there was flu spreading rapidly and goats became conducive for the same. The rule of a yearly bath was enforced to help people care more for their water resources which were minimal in the place where Islam was born.

In Hinduism there is an interesting aspect to prayer.Every morning the elders wake up early by 5am, take a bath and pray to the Tulsi plant and every household that could afford also tamed cattle.  Interestingly, the scientists of the present day have extensively reached and claimed the Tulsi and cow to be only creatures on earth to receive the cosmic energy from space. There are several small practices like sprinkling water around before eating a meal or using rice flour to decorate the house front yard! Sprinkling water is an act of bulwarking yourself against any pest you may invite while feasting. Rice flour decorations on the front yard of houses not only were a treat to the eyes but served a purpose of distracting pests away from the store rooms of the house.

While most of us get engrossed in the world of tension, envy and pressure, we hardly take time away for being with ourselves. Every practice introduced has an important reason. sometimes all they need is moulding or eradication and just as the policy makers of the government, religious thinkers too were thoughtful about the conditions then. So, let’s be prudent, seek the reasons for these practices and discard ones that bear no fruit to this contemporary world and make our living better and progressive.

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Pathos of Ritualistic thinking

It’s often said that a prolonged or ritualistic practise will not only make one a perfectionist but also make one forget its practical purpose. For example, If we provide milk to a man in large amounts to consume he will eventually not realise its value and he will fail to understand the reason that one needs calcium and fat  content for health but monotonously drink it out of habit.

In the same manner, the various practices in these religions have indeed led to not just a sense of belonging and uniqueness but have given its people a sense of ego and superiority over the others. Yes, in the present scenario, these monotonous and robotic methodologies that make people over look the true reason do have the propensity to become evil. Many a times, people often disregard the human touch in preference to religions/ rituals. What they do not introspect is that every set of rule/ practise is time bound in this highly metamorphosing world. When the rule becomes obsolete, it must be eradicated. This is the point where science plays the big daddy in making the people more rational and open minded and brushes their complacency away. Let us understand with an example.

Communal riots- pathos of religion

Most of the religions are engaged in this particular practise where the men at home aren’t permitted to touch / allow the women of their house into the kitchen when she is experiencing her menstrual cycle. When this practice was introduced, the world was very naive and in the field of healthy living, the people were novices. In such a situation the onus rests in the hands of religious leaders to establish a foundation to make people avoid sexual diseases that might spread if the husband was intimate during her reproductive cycle and to also provide the wife with enough physical rest during her strenuous cycle, which the male mentality will otherwise fail to understand. Now that science has advanced so much and you know the reason, will you tend to a helpless woman who might need some physical massage / sweet talks or completely avoid her presence? While you think about that also ask yourself if you would feed a hungry  destitute/animal  that asks for food at the door or make them wait while you ritualistically offer it to the lord who you fail to see in the living world around!  It is this sense of compassion towards the living beings that has gone missing, making us impetuous beings leading a hasty life.

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