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The Tennis Season 2014 Preview

The 2014 tennis season is just around the corner. After a month long, season break, the players will be looking to get back into the stride. One would expect the coming year


The Walt Disney Animation Company placed huge expectations on their Christmas 2013 flick, “Frozen”. The objectives for the Disney family was clear. They needed to produce a film which showed the class

It’s About YOU!

What is Youtube? The question brings a spontaneous answer from anyone who has visited the website – the third largest on the internet. It is a video sharing website, on which users

Google’s Doodle Strategy

Google doesn’t need to prove a point to anyone. It is the biggest and best search engine that the world has ever seen. It is one of the top ranked websites in

The small step of “A” man

When Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon on 20th July 1969, there were about 600 million people who were watching the episode on earth. Too excited to speak, people