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Land Art

Land art is doubtless, one of the most unusual and challenging art forms of today. Land art is the creation of art using nature as a resource. The art form came into

Trash Art

A few plastic hair rollers. Unspooled cassette tape. Eggshells. Welcome to the world of trash art. Junk or trash art is actually a sub-genre of a wider art form called Found Art.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen is one of those people, whose standing as one of the literary giants will never be in doubt. She was one of those rare writers, whose books you never quite

Know thy Neighbour

Of late, I see so many people struggling to volunteer information about their neighbours. Information about people they have lived in close proximity with for several months, or even years. Where is

The Pleasure of Reading

Any self-confessed book-lover will tell you what an immensely enriching experience it is to read a good book. Books are the ultimate refuge, a place far removed from the cares and worries

Why I hate Mondays

Mondays make me insane, really. I’ve never caught onto the concept of lazing around for two whole days and then having to wake up to a busy week ahead. The concept’s flawed,