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Printing Technology

In ancient times, printing was done in the way which was termed as lithography( Today’s printing is the modern lithographic process. The development in printing has extended to micro lithography and nano


Printing technology in 18th century, had an interesting technique which was called lithography ( It had extended to chromolithography, which is a method for making multi-colour prints. This is also referred as


“Art lies in concealing art”. “Art is long and time is fleeting”. These are the famous quotes on art. It is the indispensable piece of work or act that gives the pleasure

Rangarajan to Sujatha

Rangarajan  is  a  simple  man  from  srirangam, a  place  in  Tamil Nadu. He  is  the  man  of  intelligence, wit  and  humour. This  brought  him  to  the  world  , in  the   name

Carnatic Music

There  is  a  saying  in  vedas, “sisurvetthi   pasurvetthi  vetthi gaanam  rasam  phanihi”. This  means ,  music  is  all  around  and  enjoyed  by  cattles ,  new born babies  and  other  peoples. Babies

Wrong Direction

Direction  shows  our  destination. We  really  want  us  to  be  in  a  place  ,where  our  flash  backs will be worth watching.  A  tough  path  but  an  inspiring  path  is  the  ”wrong  direction”.

Cute Little DEMON!!

I  don’t  know  why,  whenever  I  see  my  younger   brother  ,I  forgot  even  the  way  to  scold   for  his  extreme  mischievous  works.To  start  with  him  he  is  really  an  active