It has been a long day, sitting before my laptop for an hour now, fatigue tries pushing me to bed.  Spontaneously I stretch my arms and crack my knuckles. It suddenly struck me, why does everyone yawn, stretch their muscles and crack their knuckle so spontaneously when they are tired become oblivious to it?

Yoga Asanas

This point of interest glued me to my seat again and there I was writing another article. It didn’t take me long to realize this but the answer was evident. Yoga it was.  Yoga is just a type of body exercise that increases flow of blood to muscles, fixes damaged tissues and hence improves memory and neural functioning of the body. Yoga is a body science that helps you mend and enhance your muscular functions. It is also the rudimentary skill essential for any martial arts and physical training.

When the rich oxygenated blood increases to the brain and other muscles it also improves the memory and brings relaxation to the mind and also behaves as an anti-depressant. This phenomenon was recently supported by a study in National Institute of Mental health and Neurosciences(Nimhans). Yoga helps release happiness triggering hormones like endorphins and control stress hormones like cortisol.

Stretching your body after work, yawning and cracking your knuckles are all techniques your body has registered to improve blood flow. Keep a controlled and self conscious display when your in public. As for me? I am home and my eyes are so tired. (yaaaaaaaawnnsss) .So,  let me go and improve my blood flow for a while.

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