Are we in the Matrix?

Theories of afterlife have fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Afterlife is one of the first fascinations for man and the basis of many faiths and religions. As man has evolved, these theories have evolved with him. We are now faced with many radical answers to the eternal question: What happens to us after we die?

One of the most astounding theories comes from religion’s old nemesis: the realm of science. Physicists have come up with a theory that we may be living inside the Matrix. Our whole life could be a giant video game. Though this theory seems preposterous, it actually has scientific backing, to an extent.


The cornerstone of the theory is the fact that our world is quantized. In is made of unit elementary particles. Even energy is quantized. This is similar to a video game, which, at a fundamental level, is made of pixels.  The similarities don’t stop there.

In our universe, matter exists in it’s current form only when observed. When it is not observed, it can exist in all forms simultaneously. This feature of our world bears an uncanny resemblance to games, where only the screen which you are in is generated, not the game world as a whole. There are many such similarities all around us.

If our life is a giant video game, then who is at the controls? To answer this, we have to look into Moore’s Law, which says that computational power doubles every ten years. It is, therefore, possible that, a few centuries down the line, computational power has increased to the point where, humans are able to create our universe, in all it’s complexity. The idea of creating human beings, with all their complexities, perfections and imperfections, sounds unrealistic, but it is theoretically possible. We could be controlled by our future selves! Our life could be an advanced version of Second Life played by our future selves (who we worship as our Creator!).  This sounds scary, but it is actually something astonishing, if true. It shows that the human race has evolved to godlike status, capable of creating a whole universe.  We have become our own gods.


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