Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face……well, with the craze of the confessions going on now, this statement is proving itself. A new idea started by an IIT and duplicated by the rest of the student world, it has spread like wild fire. Thanks to the one “free” platform of opportunity we all share to make ourselves “virtually” the best – Facebook. All those long forgotten incidents, tiny little embarrassments of people, all those memories of friends  you dint even know existed behind the layers of your own memories come out rushing when you see the “#143” and the confession that follows.


There is an unknown bit of yourself that comes out and overrules your conscience which is talking about ethics, courage and suggesting proper conversation instead of posting a confession. your love to a friend, hatred for her boyfriend, anger towards a professor, nostalgia for old times, vengeance for  a classmate, a desire to rub your success in someone’s face, all of it comes out.

A sense of relief or satisfaction follows the post when you imagine the other person’s reaction. They would either read it and leave it at that (which according to me is less fun but the only thing to do) or they would post something else that sets off the chain again.

All the subsided, forgotten emotions and of course the ones with the this-is-like-Christmas-early-attitude,the pranksters have found their place.

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