An Obsolete Worship ?

The chimes of the church, the bells of the Hindu temples, the prayers of the mosques, the chants in the Buddhist monasteries:  All of them have one thing in common. The sounds create a sense of belonging to this institution.

I am analysing the concept of religion in today’s world. The concept of plethora of religions existing in the contemporary world is to let man freely choose the one that matches his personality closely. Their origin is based on the same concept.

One of the largest followed religions, Christianity had originated after the crucification of Christ. Thought there is a well proved conspiracy of Christ visiting and wandering India, the church dismissed these theories and complacently stuck to propagate otherwise. The birth of Christianity is mostly based on the sympathy for the Lord and little on devotion towards his mercy and miracles.

Many people say it was a way of life that gave birth to this form of religion. Hinduism is the only religion that has a million Gods. The concept as understood now is to respect every living being and force in nature. This not only helped create a better living standard during the uncivilised times but also gave people hope and fear to be righteous.

Not everyone has the patience to meditate under a banyan tree while its roots hang loose and invite a mischievous swinging play. Gautham Buddha is said to have attained nirvana under the banyan tree at Bodhgaya. A prince who was disturbed by the vices of life on earth; he chose to meditate and seek answers to the mysteries of life.  Many true followers of the principles Buddha used to propagate would probably tell you that he never wanted him to be worshiped as an idol but wanted his followers to just pray to the infinite.

The reason we have religions still flourishing in today’s world is merely because of the sense of social oneness and hope in despair they provide. But are the very same religions that cause such social rifts and skirmishes worth the existence in today’s world?


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