A Writing paradox

What do I write on? Where do I begin?  ……..  I feel lost in the sea of ideas. Should I write about the scrumptious meal I had last weekend at a fine dining restaurant or about the trending news topics that will attract more viewers to my website? I find myself in such a sorry state of not being shrewd.

I remember my friend grumbling about the same situation in his previous semester examination. The voice of my mom mentioning the concept of creative menopause rang in my ears. It sent a chill up my spine. Am I suffering from the same? This phenomenon happens to many musicians, film makers and artists who spin their life around creativity. I shook my head in denial not willing to accept I might be a victim at such an early age. I needed help. I needed someone to fine tune my thought process and help me pick one concrete idea I could solidly work on.


I fisted the table in frustration and pulled my hair in agony. What is wrong with me? I was familiar with such moments that make your mind go blank;  Blank like the space between the earth and the sun. The space that connects planets and makes the solar system a family. The very same space that great astronauts like Jim Lovell spent in for a month to return home safe after a failed Apollo mission 13. The portrayal by Tom hanks in the very same movie was enriching to watch. I know not if he won the Oscars though he surely deserved one. Hold on! PAUSE! Mind is running astray!

I did a very meditative breathing and sat silent with my index finger against my forehead. What do I write on? Wait a minute. Do I have to hunt for topics anymore? Voila! Nailed it!!!

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