A world of similar(identical) people

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Racism was and still is a problem in various places across the world. So are sexism, caste-ism and slavery, among many other forms of biased segregation based on ludicrous differences such as skin tone, birth and gender. These attempts at forcing subservience have for long centuries prevented freedom and equality among people, and it was the work of many thousands of leaders to give people equal opportunity. Its taken quite a long time for us to realize that we’re on the same boat, that irrespective of anything, we’re all closer related to each other than 98% to the chimpanzee and 50% to the banana. We came to a stable society where equal dignity was given and diversity of skill and personality were appreciated and celebrated.
As the days went by, this call for equality has taken a new face: That all people are equal and can do all  things equally well with a little practice. Nothing wrong with it you say? Well going back to my previous analogy, this means that everyone on the boat can be captain, and so they should take turns at captaincy, and all the other jobs on the ship, including cooking and navigation.
Feminism states that women are in no way whatsoever different from men, that ‘social conditioning’ has created this difference. It means that brought up in the same way, a man and a woman, given the choice of watching die hard 4.0 or twilight: breaking dawn part 2 would go watch the same movie, though for the sake of my sanity I would rather not speculate on which.
Indigenous Africans on average will beat people from other parts of the world in athletics because they have stronger lungs and increased capacity. This is just one instance of how people are fundamentally unequal and differently qualified. perhaps instead of insisting that all can be great captains, we should find what we’re good at and excel there.
I certainly hope someday no one points out the ‘evident’ fact that all of us are of the same height and weight and the variation is a machine fault. But then, perhaps its quite likely.

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