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Kanchipuram  pattupavadai(saree in Tamil )- It is pretty strange how the places and the goods get linked almost like  Siamese twins. Also known as the silk sari, the kanchipuram saris are known world-wide for their design, purity of silk and the money value of the saris to its customers. These saris are woven using man power on simple looms and hence they range lavishly between Rs 2,500 and Rs 1,00,000.

Legend says that the weavers of kanchipuram are the descendants of Markanda – the mythological God who is the master of weaving. He was known to have crafted a tissue from a lotus fibre. Being a religiously bustling and sensitive area, they also believe that silk is lord Vishnu’s ( the creator’s ) favourite, while cotton being Shiva’s ( the destroyer).

The method of weaving is rather interesting to note.

skill of hands

The highly skilled weavers use three shuttles to the left. While the weavers work on the right, his aide works on the left side of the shuttle. They actively use different designs for the borders and the main body of the sari. The pallu ( the hanging portion of the sari) is woven separately and then loosely attached to the body of the sari. The pallu is given a different shade for distinguishing it from the rest. The part where the body and the pallu meet is decorated with a zig-zag pattern.

Over the years, the kanchipuram saris have evolved with the taste of the people, be it colour, design or length of material. The commonly adopted design patterns are peacock, mango, sun, moon, chariot, parrots , coins, etc. One of the famous line designs include Thandavalam where parallel lines run across the sari’s body. Its also interesting to note that sometimes, a set of weavers are also hired  to customize and incorporate gold into this masterpiece.

In 2005, these sari’s began rolling out with a geographical indication label , thus certifying their origin.  No wonder one cannot resist adding kanchipuram before spelling the word sari.

PS: The benefit of wearing these magnificently contrived saris is strictly for women or to bring out the woman in anybody.

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