A new status symbol

In June 2006, “Google” ,as a verb, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. If the past few years are any indication, the word  “Facebook” cannot be far behind. I’m sure we’ll see it in dictionaries soon enough. After all, it has grown to become something that defines our generation. In fact, Facebook has a higher population than any country, barring India and China (Facebook is banned in China and there is no way it can beat China without the billion people FROM China. Well played China). One of the curious aspects of this astronomical growth is the emergence of the Facebook ‘like’ as a prominent status symbol.

Facebook Like

Social status symbols have evolved with us, right from body paint to hats, watches,pinapples (?) ,cars and so many more. Now, with the whole world going online, the number of  ‘likes’  one’s status or pictures get on Facebook has become indicative of their social status and  popularity. People take this very seriously, and put a lot of effort into extracting the maximum number of ‘likes’. Befriending photographers( i.e. guy with DSLR), taking photos with celebrities, and advertising (begging)  for likes on chats are among the numerous ways in which people try to get ‘likes’.

However, this desperation for ‘likes’ does not stop with individuals. Companies, not wanting to miss an opportunity for good marketing, have set up Facebook pages, where they advertise their products, services etc. and hunt for likes. This has also caught on with private colleges and schools. These organizations have taken it to another level. There are allegations that companies ‘buy’ likes from Facebook. Apparently, they pay some amount of money per like to Facebook, and Facebook promptly ‘makes’ random people like the page. The fact that Facebook has so much control over our accounts is indeed scary. Whether true or not, the fact that such allegations exist shows that the Facebook ‘like’ has become a marketing tool.

People believe what they want , but  the truth is, you’re bound to flash a smile when you see that you’re picture/status has got a number of likes (People even have targets now).

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