A Mirror

Hanging long and sleek on a plain wall, the mirror has no hidden secrets. It is something with which one greets oneself in the morning searching far behind what is seen to a wondrous day ahead. Its unmarred speck less surface, unable to give self-sustained definitions shows everything in front of it. This character is so desperate that it never lets go even when shattered. It has eyes unshaken by love or hate. Its unmarred screen has no tendencies to hide. This silvered piece of glass reflects both bad and good oblivious to the feelings of the heart before it. Its sharp edge sometimes does end up cutting across hearts. The childlike innocence reflected in its reflections. This piece of glass serves without expectations.

The mirror’s words ” Believe in what you are.. never try and change for you will end up disappointing yourself.. ” is never heard. Ironically people coat themselves looking through mirrors. The mirror seems to be sticking on to its all-time mount jarring at us to see things as they are.

Sylvia Plath in her poem “The mirror ” describes mirror as the eye of a little god who swallows what it sees, unmisted by like or dislike. She then calls the candle and the moon as liars who hide imperfections.

This ‘ripple less water’ like piece of glass is the ultimate source of surety for the mirror’s images are never blurred. One should learn to clear away the surface of mist from our minds for us to see and accept the actual. It is a wake-up call for day dreamers. Mirror is that piece of glass that ties us with the present pile of truth.

Mirror mirror on the wall,

save us from downfall,

you give us truth as a present,

and help us stay present  in the present..

Sahana Shankar

Content intern at The Fishbowl Network
Hey, This is Sahana.. I am now doing my B.tech in civil engineering at NIT Trichy.. I enjoy books and music.. I also like creative writing and do a lot of playing with words! I would encourage reviews and comments..

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