A Dying Art

Technology is threatening to destroy the art of letter writing. Pen and paper is fast being replaced by keyboard and iPad. Writing is just considered as a medium of instruction and the more faster the instruction reaches the intended receiver or reader, much better the medium is. Technology scores above the traditional form of writing as with one touch, messages and emails can be sent. To reach a bigger audience there is social media. Yes, it is time to move on…..

People adapt to changes and adopt the better way. It is how things should be. I heard my father reminiscing about how it takes a week for the letter to reach the address. Now world has become a smaller place. The end of telegram service is a definite proof of how times are changing. Who will bother to send a letter to a person when she can just call him up and talk to him? The postal services all over the world are suffering huge revenue losses and are on the verge of an impending collapse. But courier services are still doing well (no wonder when scientists invent teleporting, they will witness their downfall).

Well, on the brighter side, we are not wasting paper and time. Both of them are precious in today’s world. Saving trees yes, that matters a lot. But on the downside writing with pen, an art that people used to practice unconsciously is waning. Your handwriting shows your originality and is proven to develop other complex skills.  Complaining about it may seem a little backward. Again, who knows, even swiping and touching might be developing some part of your brain like writing does. Or even this might become history when people find a way to just air their thoughts (no touch, no clicks, and no movements).


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