A Ball of Ice and Fire-Part 2


The lone wanderer looks out into the perpetual night sky and wonders how far away from home he is now, as the planet hurtles through the galaxy, free from the shackles of any star. His boots clank against the shiny metallic surface which covers the whole planet. The two moons, also metallic, offer no respite from the darkness. He misses a step, and suddenly finds himself falling into the partially hollow planet… into its metallic core…


The planet is Cybetron, the home planet of the Transformers. Though this planet has undergone a few changes over the different generations of the series, the basics remain the same. It is a metallic world where technology flourishes, with metallic plains, metal mountains, deep chasms and a metallic (of course) core. Cybetron orbited Alpha Centauri, but was thrown out of orbit due to a huge war, and sent careening through the galaxy.


The captain struggles to keep his spacecraft under control against the strong wind as he moves across the planet. The craft blends into the crimson sky. On the surface, everything has turned pitch black. The colour of the sky is so strong that the captain struggles to see in front of him. He must keep moving. The spacecraft is only minutes away from complete incineration. Just as he is about to give up hope, the crimson sky disappears. The whole spacecraft is engulfed in complete darkness. The captain feels a chill down his spine. It isn’t fear- it’s the cold. The craft, which was in danger of incineration just seconds ago, is plunged into sub zero temperatures. The spacecraft moves forward in complete silence, into the darkness…


Gliese 581c. You want to see what Hell looks like? pay this planet a visit. It orbits a red dwarf so the sky is always a crimson red. All vegetation on the planet is pitch black from absorbing all that infrared radiation. Also, the planet is so close to it’s star that it does not revolve anymore, so one side would be plunged in eternal darkness. Also, one side would be insanely hot and the other freezing cold. Add to this the strong gale winds that go from the hot to the cold side, and you have a perfect recipe for Hell. The good (?) news is that it is actually theoretically possible for humanity to survive on this planet, however, incineration and being frozen solid are just a step away in either direction…


“This sad excuse for a planet does redeem itself after all, and how.. What a view..”. He sits on the barren wasteland that makes up most of the planet, and looks over the salt flats at the setting suns. Two suns and three moons make for a breathtaking sunset. His mind wanders, as he looks remorsefully at the dry salt flats- the only proof of the natural beauty that this planet once held…

This one’s a sitter. The planet is Tatooine from Star Wars ( there had to be one from Star Wars). As most of you probably know, it is a desert planet with two suns ( Remember the sunset shot from A New Hope?). The biosphere was destroyed when Rakata raised hell on the planet.

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