There is something very unique about the number 53. It’s inconspicuous in existence but these 53 dwarfs (like the ones in the story of the shoe-maker) work together and produce very magnificent results. Wondering what I am talking about? Let me entice you more.

These 53 dwarfs are responsible for so many events in our lives. More than knowing how to swim, research shows that babies are born with the ability due to those dwarfs. It’s something that is very unique to mankind alone. It’s very surprising to know how they can change a sentence and its expression at ease. People generally wear these 53 dwarfs as a common display of acceptance, generosity and attraction too. These dwarfs are pretty mischievous as well.  You invite them at an incongruous moment and you are doomed!

Scientists have shown its benefits too. These 53 ones conspire and help in immune system improvement. At the social level, it appeals to the human psychology and rewards you with an easier acceptance. What more? They are even known to help you achieve promotions in the cooperate world. Having an infant at home, a mother spends her entire time with the child to make him espouse those 53 little elves, because they are the only indication of one’s true state of happiness. They somehow bring the spirit of the soul into your eyes they channel and reflect on the others around.

A walk with children.

A child uses these 53 numbers when he might see an ice cream van. A mother might when she picks her child up from school. A girl will use them when she sees her love around. An old lady might when you help with her groceries. A teacher will when the students greet her.

These 53 profound ones influence our emotions, stress and are the very fact we are human beings. To make these 53 elves of yours work it needs only a second of thought! So why wait? Why don’t you make your lips slightly taper at the ends, let the spark glow in your eyes and put those 53 MUSCLE of your face to work at this very moment and SMILE?  (Now that’s better!)

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