Q & A - 5 Steps to make it Big - Part 5

  1. Maybe hard work does matter after all.

There is a particular no. that is common to Bill Gates and the Beatles, which, along with the other factors mentioned above, fully explains the story of meteoric rise from near obscurity of the two. The no. is 10,000. Can you guess why?


And the Answer is….


10, 000 is the no. of hours of practice they have had when they emerged on the world scene—Bill Gates of coding and the Beatles of music. Using the time sharing system mentioned in the question before, Bill Gates ran up 1,575 hours of computer time in a seven month period, meaning 8 hours a day, every day of the week! Then at the University of Washington, through some connections of his, Gates found that the period between three and six in the morning, a similar time sharing system was free and every night, Gates would disappear to do coding returning home early morning when he would pretend to be asleep. Bill Gates found similar and bigger opportunities to learn and practice coding so that by the time Gates decided to drop out of Harvard after his sophomore year, he had been programming non-stop for seven consecutive years, way more than 10, 000 hours.


Similar was the case of Bill Joy who stumbled upon the time sharing system in college. Had these two Bill’s not found these time sharing system at early age (the where from previous question) they wouldn’t have had this kind of practice. Nor would the Jewish lawyers from the previous answer have had 10, 000 hours of their practice in litigation and take-overs had they not been tuned out by the old-line firms.


And finally, coming to the Beatles, before they landed up in the US, they played in Hamburg as a struggling high school rock band for eight hours a day, seven days a week—there’s that figure again. And by the time they made it big, they had easily put in 10, 000 hours of music. They had performed twelve hundred times, live. Most bands today don’t perform that no. even in their entire career.

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