Happily Ever After

She was sitting alone, all by herself in the bookshop, immersed in a book that was held open on her lap. All the people who buzzed around her, looking at books that they would never buy stopped and glanced at her. Even though she wore nothing fancy and had no trace of make-up on her face, she was pretty. Shafts of yellow light from overhead fell on her hair and made it look like the sparkling clay beneath a mountain brook. Her lashes made long shadows over her cheeks, which quivered as she shifted her gaze from word to word, page to page. There she sat, lost in a world that would never be hers while the world around, stared at her, marveling at the beautiful melancholy that she was! Time flew and the crowd in the bookshop dwindled, sometimes reaching a full tide and at times, caught in ebb. He entered the bookshop in a jiffy. He had to buy a gift for someone and he thought books were the best gifts that one could ever give to the other. Sadly enough, all the people he had had the chance of buying gifts for thought otherwise and all his Nerudas and Bukowskis would go unnoticed, or, at most, acknowledged by a curt, compulsory nod from their recipients. And that broke his heart, every time! So much was this so that now, even the thought of buying a gift was an ordeal to him. But he could not give up on books and sincerely hoped that someday he will find someone to gift a book to… His eyes fleetingly grazed over the different sections of the bookshop: Management, Travel, Cookery, Business and Commerce and then came to halt at her, in the Literary Fiction section. It was not love at first sight or any such thing for him. Just that he had never expected to find someone like her in a glitzy bookshop where accessories sold more than the books. She emanated such a strong sense of melancholy that he felt he might fall for her, at that very moment! There was a hidden sadness in the way she was biting the corner of her lower lip, almost piercing the flesh with her canine; there was the fear of unwillingly letting go in the way she thumbed the pages of the book; there was a lot of grief in the manner her other hand brushed over the page that she was reading, almost like it was a tombstone and not a page… He could not get his eyes off her.He wanted to lift those eyelids of hers and look into her eyes and find her pain. Yes, that was pretty much all he wanted to do. But this was a bookshop and he was a total stranger! So, all he did was buy his favourite book of poems and leave it at the counter with the cashier, asking him to deliver it to her before she left. And then, he lived happily ever after.

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Earn Extra Income With Binary Options Trading

Tɦose who are just beginning to get on their own into the foreign exchаnge traԀing company should be in a position to coρe effortlessly if they are diligent and established sufficient. These ԁays, it is easy to test-operate foгex trading because there are demo accountѕ being provided by websiteѕ dedicated tօ forex.

options trading essentially arrives down to a kind ߋf stock trade you make when you want to figurе out a established cost at which you ρurchase or promote a stock at a fսture time. It іs еsѕentially ɑ wager between you and the vendor abߋut which աay you believe the worth of the inventory will go, secured by your buy of the option. If you think the marketplace is heading to go սp oг doԝn during a particular period, options trading enables you to consider аdνɑntаge of this expectation.

In situation you didn’t know, Ƅinary ߋptions today are tradeɗ, the popular kinds, with hourly еxpiration in that you can maҝe up to seventy five%25 an hour. In reality there are aгe binary choices that expire each fifty percent an hour and every 15 minutes as well for any retսrn of up to seventy five%25. It is quite extraorɗinary.

One can find plenty of discսssion boards or posts abоut the binary options trading in united states. NevertҺeless, most of thеsе are creɑted for the people that have the good knowledge about this topic. Therefore, beginnerѕ find this extгemely difficult to cope with spеcіalized jaгցons used. Also, some even start trading with very littlе knowleԀge that they have & end up dropping the moneү.

For investors trading choices on the purchase aspect the only ѡay to apрreciate a higҺer Delta and therefore control a greater pгoportion of the ցains, is to buy ɗeep іn-the-moneʏ options. There are nonetheless advantages to this. For instance, wherе ɑ stock binary options trading strateǥies is trading at $100, having manage оf .998 (practiсally one) of the returns/losses mɑy imply buying the $70 choices. Rather of having to come up with tҺe full $100, ʏou will come up with $30 plus a small premium.

Pip: A pіp (price curіosity point) is the incremental move which 1 ϲurгency tends to make more than the other. In tҺe prior instance, we took the EUR/USD to be 1.4161, if the bidder ups his bid to 1.4165 to matϲh the asker’s гate, then it is stated that there was a transfer of 4 pips. Pips are calculated on the last two digits on the ϲorrect of the decіmal point.

So, in summary: Just prioг tߋ using a new method or buying and selling technique, Frequently Study ALL of the training and know yoսr limits just prior to heading into your very first trade. Use a practice аccount to ensure you haνe a ɡood hаndle on yоur new currency choice trading systеm and you will safeguard your capitol fߋr the extended haul to monetary Indeƿendence, practicе, practice, apρly.

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10 substances In body Weight decline tablets

proactol drugsHowever, what they will be purchasing is a nutritional supplement which is produced from only all all-natural elements. The way it operates is by binding up the fat so that it is not absorbed into the body in the first spot. This is how it is effective as a body weight loss pill. It will not allow about a third of consumed fat to be absorbed into the physique.

Once a particular person can take proactol, their possess entire body would have a few control in absorbing excess fat. The spot of fat would be the digestive system wherein the particular person will discharge all those body fat so that it gained’t have to be take up by the overall body. One point to get note though is that if an specific has some tummy problems, they ought to avoid taking this capsule. This won’t indicate though that this unique solution is hazardous to all people. If you adored this article and you would certainly such as to obtain more facts regarding make proactol work (visit the next internet site) kindly go to our web-page. It’s even truly Permitted by the Food and drug administration.

Knowing your greatoverall bodybodyweight will aid you set your weightreduction in point of view. You need to have a goal so that you know when to slow down or proactol reviews try outmore durable. If your calculator for share of bodyweightlossstates you dropped3 lbs in two months, you can examine it with your idealhuman bodybodyweight to see how muchnearer you are to your goal.

The nextmatter you proactol plus want to do is to modify your consumingbehaviors. This 1 is a littlechallenging for some of us. Today’s occupiedway of living doesn’t oftenlet us to take in the foodstuff we should. We tend to lean much moretoward the fastfood items like burgers and pizza. On event this is not a negativepoint and I will get into that moreafterwards on. But, for now try out incorporating much moreall-naturalfoodstuff into your diet plan. Some illustrations of this are whole white meat chicken, egg whites, brown rice and don’t forget about the seasonal greens.

Lastly, there are also some body weight decline tablets which are referred to evening time only. The people, who just take slumber of 8 hrs or much more, have not confronted the dilemma of chubby than all those who take rest of only 6 hours or significantly less?

The first phase to eliminate tummy excess fat obviously is to consume water. Seems effortless appropriate? We all get in some h2o during the day but, the genuine query is, are we consuming enough? H2o will work as a cleansing agent. As you consume drinking water throughout the working day your overall body flushes the old stuff out and replaces it with the new. It also flushes some of the negative harmful toxins away in the approach.

If you are getting a issue with weight administration and maintaining a healthful body weight then you also could look at Proactol. Excess weight administration can be challenging and it receives tougher as you get older. Proactol performs by assisting with body weight administration and assisting your physique preserve a healthier body weight that is correct for you.

In accordance to Wellness experts Adult males seriously must have eighteen%twenty five and Females should to have 23%twenty five of whole entire body surplus extra fat. If a particular person’s human body undesirable unwanted fat boosts to 35%twenty five-40%twenty five then it is harmful for well being and health and fitness as it final final results in getting chubby or around-bodyweight.

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Rudimentary Factors In google - A Closer Look

A few policies that have worked fantastically well for my clients are:. The way that you can make Google work for you is to get your site listed towards the top of that list of results. Would like you to know how can you get money out of your advertising. Use Google Keyword Tool (free tool) to get the keywords in your area. This was attributed to Google’s attack on paid home page links - a direct and serious violation of their Webmaster Guidelines. That way you are getting exact results of what people are putting in the search engine.

However, as you will see by the list below, there are many advantages of using Hits - Link over Google Analytics. Search engine optimization is the best technique of getting huge traffic to your website. This will add a new section to the mobile version of Google News that will tell you what’s going on in your immediate area. RSS and Atom feeds are standards for publishing regular updates to blog-based content. On an extra note, Reputation Planet claims that not each and every one company will in fact make the mandatory improvements in order to actually assist their comsumers using latest cutting edge systems. Learn how to create text ads that gets the click thru you need.

Eventually, if you are on the right track the campaign does grow and with it the budget too. Since people do turn up-to Google for references and locate the right business destinations, the right information is always there on a website”. Within 8 days of releasing that site to the public, I also had page one and page two listings for a wide range of keywords that I have so far targeted for my new website. But that doesn’t mean we’re really stuck to that filter. Much of what is shared out there in the social media (i. With this in mind it’s a good idea for all webmasters to measure the speed if their websites to make sure they are not dropping in the SERPs because of a Google speed penalty.

Users might have an increased awareness that the placement of results was not solely based on a match with the keyword(s) search, but also based on a fee paid by the sponsor. Enjoy the best of Satellite TV programs with DISH Network packages. If Google banned your account in the past, you will not get approval unless you contact them prior to application. This is now pretty well news for all Google lovers. Using Google Calendar on your Desktop also means that you can edit and manage your important contacts as well. Videos: A large number of videos can be hosted and streamed by Google.

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Interpretation of eclipses in mythology

Though the phenomenon of eclipse has a solid scientific explanation, different cultures have developed their own set of interpretations which are rooted in myths and superstitions.

The human race has always believed in a higher power that is beyond their control. It is no wonder that during the evolution from a raw flesh eating mammal to today’s civilized and sophisticated human being, progress was made in terms of culture and religion. During this transition period, mythology gained importance among the masses who needed satisfactory answers to celestial and earthly occurrences.

The myth of an eclipse is one such aspect which is prevalent all over the world, across different cultures. For centuries, man has considered the sun as the source of life. So, it was obvious that when their primary source of light was ‘blocked’ for a period of time, people were driven by fear and insecurity. Various cultures have developed their own explanation for the occurrence of an eclipse.

The word eclipse actually originated from the Greek word ekleipsis, which literally means abandonment.

Mythology and Religion

Since mythology and religion are closely interconnected in India, the root of explanation for an eclipse generally lies in religion. For instance, in Hindu mythology, the entire period of an eclipse is called ‘parvakala’. The Bhagavata Purana(a puranic holy text of Hinduism) has an answer to the occurrence of an eclipse with an interesting fable.

A fierce battle was fought between the Devas(gods) and Asuras(demons) for many years. Lord Vishnu, known as the Preserver among the trinity of gods, arranged a truce between the warring sides and offered to churn the ocean to leverage its benefits. After many rounds of churning, the Amritam(nectar) emerged from the ocean in a pot, which was snatched by the demons. Lord Vishnu, in disguise as a beautiful woman enticed the celebrating Asuras . He managed to steal it and get it across to the devas. But Rahu, a demon, saw through the trickery. While the nectar was being distributed to the gods, Rahu disguised himself and tried to have a sip of the nectar. But the sun and moon gods detected his presence and informed Lord Vishnu, who then chopped off Rahu’s head. Luckily for him, since he too had a sip of the nectar, he will live for eternity as a trunkless demon and his headless trunk is known as Ketu. Apparently, Rahu never forgave the sun and moon gods and as retribution for their action, tries to swallow them periodically.

For centuries, this fable has long remained the accepted reason. So much so that, even in this age of rapid modernization, special rituals are held to ward off the evil demon. During the eclipse period, people bathe neck deep in the holy rivers, hoping that it will give the strength to fight the demon.

Other mythological accounts of eclipses

The Chinese mythology resembles the Indian mythology to a certain degree. The term for eclipse in the Chinese language was “chih”, meaning “to eat”. The Chinese believe that a dragon tries to swallow the sun or moon and this can evaded by the beating of the drums and shooting of arrows in the sky. It is rumored that this practice continued till the late nineteenth century, when the Chinese navy fired its cannons to scare away the dragon that was eating the moon.

The eastern part of the world, generally known as “the Orient” among the westerners, has always been associated with myths and superstitions. However, certain European cultures also fancied certain myths regarding eclipses.

The Greeks consider an eclipse to be an act of the god – Zeus, who unleashes his fury by blocking the sun. Another myth that is associated with the Greek culture is that of Medea, the Thessalian witch trying to overpower Helios(the Sun) and Selene(the Moon). During the day, the sun god - Helios was known to ride his horse drawn chariot in the sky. The same act was repeated by his sister Selene, in her silver chariot, during the night. The witches of Thessaly, most notably the evil Medea, tried to bring down the two gods during their travel by casting magic spells. The lunar eclipse was known as the “red moon” phenomena and it was assumed that the witches cast the spells to extract the blood of the goddess.

In roman mythology, the equivalent of Selene is known as Luna.

The biblical accounts of an eclipse sometimes involve the episode of Jesus’s crucifixion. The episode is named the ‘crucifixion darkness’, a phenomenon which tends to interpret the darkened skies as a sign of God’s anger with the Jewish people.

In Egyptian mythology, it was believed that the sun was temporarily attacked or was ill. Hence, the Pharaohs who considered themselves as the descendants of the Sun, took it upon themselves to maintain the cosmological balance by circling around the palace.

Ignorance and Insecurity: the crux of myths

A common thread to all the myths associated with different cultures is ignorance. A large population of the world has not been privy to the rational and scientific approach of thinking. Throughout the history of mankind, a few influential characters have taken significant advantage of the lurking fear factor among the masses. For instance, it is believed that the priests in India recommended a host of rituals during eclipses, in order to maintain their supremacy in the hugely caste segregated society. Non-Christian observers have disputed the story of crucifixion darkness and consider it as a literary creation. It is also thought that the story of a dragon swallowing the sun was actually a joke played by two Chinese astronomers.

It is quite evident that a lot of mythological accounts originated from being shrouded in ignorance and lack of rational thought. As we move ahead in the 21st century, there is a definite need to put an end to such beliefs and spread scientific awareness.


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Book Review: Be Careful What You Wish For

Jeffrey Archer

Volume Four of the Clifton Chronicle Series by Jeffrey Archer, Be Careful What You Wish For, is another book that ends with a cliff hanger and the promise of a sequel. Having read the first two books of this series and missing the third did not make much difference to my understanding of the story line and you can bank on that as well. That is the best part and sadly, hardly anything else seems to be impressing.

The plot has been stretched over four books now and seems to be turning into a never ending story line. The style is repetitive and reminds you of the last couple of books penned by Jeffrey Archer.

The story revolves around the Barringtons and the Cliftons(obviously) and is written from the perspective of 7 characters. It is straight with little twists and the most of the story talks about the attempts of the villain (Don Pedro Martinez) to destroy the Barringtons and Cliftons (quite literally at times). Most of them seem successful and not until the very end does the “good” side catch up (for a while). The climax ends on a rather abrupt note, like always. A new character introduced, something extremely surprising or violent happens and full stop.

Harry Clifton finds something odd towards the end and the next version might or might not revolve around such clues we collect as we turn the detective mode on by the end of the book.

Reading a Jeffrey Archer novel has turned out to be guilty pleasure that an unstoppable adrenaline rush. Read the title once again and probably that will stop your expectations from reaching too high.

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Black and White


At seven, I used to see
In war, there was the good
And there was the enemy
Black and white would never mix
Every problem had a fix

Now, the world’s grey
The good have gone astray
Everyone just wants their way
War is inevitable they say
Deaths become mere stats
Both lands flooded with tears
Beyond the madness lasts

At seven, quarrels ended with play
Why can’t arguments remain the same?
Not turn into a war game

To turn earth into heaven
Everyone must be seven
When black and white would never mix
And every problem had a fix.

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 Traditional and orthodox practices are still very much prevalent in most part of the country. It mostly evolves from the old Hindu families. Unlike all the other religions, Hinduism carries many odd beliefs. A black cat is one such character that proves to be an ill omen. In contrast a white dove is the symbol of peace and is a good omen.

In states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the first and foremost question that old people would ask the survivors of a vehicle accident would be whether they have seen some black cat crossing the road ahead of their vehicle. It has become so much accepted in these parts even the educated youth seems to follow these practices.

But, is there any fact in this? There seems to be none! In fact, scientifically, both white and black cats have the same sort of physical and mental structure that they can hardly influence human beings in entirely different ways. Also, the intensity, and the effect thereby induced on the human eye, due to white and black colours scarcely makes any difference. And most of the people believe that there is nothing like a white cat being superior to a black one.

But, some people claim that there is some fact in black cats being ill omen. Their argument is that due to repeated saying that the black members of the Felix family are not good omens, negative energy is generated in people when they come across black cats. This energy has its own impact on the individual and it can eventually have negative effects. Even in the case of this argument, the fault is not on the part of the animal, but on the part of man, who has tagged the phrase ill omen with the poor animal since time immemorial.

A  remarkably humorous way of characterising black cats are by stating that these beings are the second birth of ‘unsatisfied’ human souls. In short, this argument says that these poor animals are ghosts. In most of the Malayalam films, black cats with shining eyes are the ghosts. Small children in this part of the country get startled and start to cry when they come across black cats.

It is just the outcome of man’s thought process wherein he symbolises white as the colour of new beginnings, positivity and peace. On the other hand black is considered the colour of negativity, witch’s magic and ignorance. This arises from nothing but the thought that darkness is virtueless, while with light (white), darkness( black) is removed. In fact, black is the colour capable of absorbing negative energy and creates positive environment. But, man never tries to understand this and go ahead by conventions.

Poor Felix! What else can be commented on these miserable animals than being termed as ill omens by the ruling species of the planet?

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Mission Redemption

When India tours England in June this year for a five test series, the prestigious Pataudi Trophy isn’t the only thing they need to regain.

Ups and downs are part of every sport and cricket is no exception. Great cricket teams of the past have been associated with a certain aura and a feeling of invincibility. Case in point, the West Indies team of the 1970s and the Australian team of the early 2000s. Rankings of today are not the rightful indicators of a team’s performance, yet they make a subtle point. Today, India is ranked 5th among the test playing nations. With a rating of 102, they are ranked below their arch rivals Pakistan, who despite their lack of home advantage, are ranked 4th with a rating of 103.

When India toured England for a four match test series in 2011, they started as the No.1 ranked team with a star studded batting line-up and an okay-ish bowling attack. Six weeks later, their pace spearhead had already pulled out of the series due to a hamstring, their batting was in shambles except for one superhuman gentleman (literally, as he did everything apart from rolling his arm over) called Rahul Dravid and their team morale was utterly shattered and considerably beyond recovery.

For a team which was on the high of a limited overs World Cup victory after 28 years, it was a fall that can be best described using a mathematical graph with a near to vertical slope (although it is undefined, it pretty much stands for this case). Soon after the debacle, the explanations and excuses followed. People listed excessive cricket, player fatigue/ burnout as reasons and some of them even had the atrocity to blame the pitches for assisting excessive swing and seam, a traditional chink in the Indian batting armoury. Yet, for all the hullabaloo that emerged, the bottomline was that India, being the top test ranked team, lost 4-0 to an opposition who was very well prepared and came out all guns blazing. On the other hand, India looked under-prepared, burdened and lost.

So much so that they had to recruit a seam bowler midway through the series, who until a week earlier, was partying on the beaches of Miami. Predictably, R.P.Singh’s first ball after his comeback was a dud, bouncing three times before it reached the batsmen. The delivery was called a dead ball and the stands were filled with laughter, with people wondering if this was a joke.

Throughout the series, India never managed to score more than 300 in eight innings, with only Dravid managing to get to the three figure mark thrice, with a top score of 146. Two of the losses were innings defeats while the other two featured huge losing margins of 196 and 319 runs respectively. Probably the only time when they had England on the mat was in the first innings of the 2nd test, when Ishant Sharma ran through the English top order to reduce them to 88/6. Stuart Broad then played a fighting knock of almost run-a-ball 64 to lift England’s spirits. He came back to claim 6-46 with the ball with an economy of 1.96; a spell that is remembered for sharp, incisive seam bowling. India never really recovered from this onslaught.

Incidentally, this series started a period of steep decline for India in tests, with yet another whitewash against a rampaging Australian side down under and a shock series defeat at home against England. In retrospect, India’s rise to the top of the test rankings was a painstakingly slow process. It took years of toil for stalwarts like Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman and Kumble to lift India to the top. Yet, the slide to the bottom was pretty swift and shocking rather than surprising.

Three years later, Indian cricket has moved on. The greats have bowed out. The young guns are establishing themselves and the pain of those humiliating defeats is just a memory. Barring MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir and Ishant Sharma, none of the other squad members have played Test cricket in England, let alone being a part of that horror series. Yes, the squad does not carry the burden of defeats, but then it is also largely short of experience. Among the batsmen, MS Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir have played 81 and 54 test matches respectively. Ishant Sharma, for all his unfulfilled potential, is the only bowler to have crossed the 50 tests landmark.

Preparations to the tour seem to be on track, with the BCCI resting most of the squad members for India’s tour of Bangladesh. For obvious monetary reasons, it values the IPL participation of its stars more important than an international fixture against Bangladesh. Probably the BCCI is aware of the fatigue factor and deems it necessary to send a mentally fresh squad to the series. While Bangladesh might be crying foul over the lack of interest shown by the Indian board, it at least provides a much needed rest to the players.

From an Indian fan’s perspective, this is an exciting series. An opportunity to redeem the lost glory. With an exciting bunch of players, most notably the batsmen, India has the chance to start its ascendancy to the summit. Make no mistake, this series is not the platform to avenge the humiliation of the past. Sport has no place for revenge sagas. Rather, it is a chance to recover the lost respect and re-establish the faith and pride among the supporters.

To quote Confucius:

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.

India has not won an overseas test for about three years now. Trent Bridge looks like the perfect place to start.

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