Toothless Bangladesh disappoint fans again

Originating from sun-kissed islands, some with that spirit and with passion, others with neither spirit not passion, together; They played, they lost.

That has been the story of West Indies cricket recently. Though their cricket is special and brings a unique flavour to the English game, the always passionate fans are experiencing what Indian fans had to go through before the nineties. The team is rarely delivering. However the worst thing is that the team is failing to put a fight. While the lethargic behaviour was very evident in their opening game against India, West Indies displayed their best ruthlessly crushing the host yesterday.

Bangladesh cricketers have just not lived up to their expectations


After owning the unwanted record of being the slowest opener ever in T20I history in the match against India, Dwayne Smith was quicker and sharper to start proceedings with a pull to midwicket. When it seemed Gayle is being calm before the storm-front foot block, lazy push to mid-on, getting beaten more often than not- the storm mellowed down to weak drizzles. Being uncannily troubled by the rookie off spinner Sohag Gazi, Gayle finally got rid of his rustiness slaughtering him over long on and while the world was waiting Gayle to explode, Smith stole the show to shock the ever enthusiastic crowd. Though the bowling was near terrible with everyone spraying down the leg, the good deliveries were swept and short ones were deposited over the boundary for flatter sixes. The tenth over was the pick of Smith’s innings- reminiscent of Ab de Villiers, Sohag Gazi was smashed all around the park for four consecutive boundaries and  by the time Bangladesh managed to get him out he had done enough damage. The next batsman Simmons was quick enough to get back running himself out without facing a single ball.

Samuels, the next batsman, never seemed to threaten and apart from Smith that was the case with all the West Indies batsmen. However the final score was a good 171 - thanks to below par fielding efforts, contributing as much as the third best batsman in the game. It seemed like the whole of Bangladesh was there to witness the results: Men and Women cheering loud within the fence; desi flags all around, loaded with pride and constant roar from within. On the stadium, torn up by the ‘Smith Storm’, the local players did little justice ending up disappointing the crowd yet again. The chase never really took off, their best batsmen falling like a pack of cards in clusters.

The domination was right from the beginning with the top order collapse in just four overs. Highly rated Santokie delivered two absolutely brilliant cutters dismissing Anamul Haque and Shakib al Hassan in the same over. Getting Tamim initially, Badree showed no issues with dew, kicking another collapse in the eleventh over claiming three wickets. The tail was exposed and by the time West Indies completed the formalities the utterly dominated contest, the passionate crowd returned home empty handed. When you look at the faces of fans coming to stadium even after all these years of failures, you would wonder if the Bangladesh team has done enough to repay their faith and passion in the sport. However, the answer to the question is no - obviously though. When it was expected the team would do far better in home with it just being a T20 world cup, with all unpredictability in this format, the result of Bangladesh match is often predictable. The fans deserve a better showing and the team should ensure they put everything to have a much better fight in the next few games.

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Dale Steyn grabs a victory from the jaws of defeat

No team has ever successfully chased down a 170 plus target against South Africa and the heroics of Dale Steyn ensured that it stayed that way. Steyn single-handedly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat for the Proteas by showcasing some stunning display of death over bowling and thus securing a narrow two run victory over the ‘Kiwis’ in their group match .

The bowling Spearhead finished with excellent match figures of four for 17, more importantly he held his nerve in the final over when the Black Caps just required seven and consequently three from the last delivery.

Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn

It was hard luck for Ross Taylor who gave bite to the chase with a match making 68 of 37 balls as he was run out of the final delivery trying to hoick it over, only managing a push back to Steyn who eagerly ripped of the bails and let the celebrations follow.

Earlier in the day, The Proteas made a quiet start to their innings, reaching just 39 by the end of the powerplay for the loss of two wickets. They surely looked getting into deeper trouble when they lost AB De Devilliers who was bowled over by Nathan McCullum.

His dismissal brought J.P Duminy on the field to partner Hashim Amla and their partnership changed the game around. Amla played cautiously for his run-a-ball 41 and finally fell comically, when a bunt down the ground struck his partner’s bat and looped up to give Corey Anderson a bizarre return catch. Duminy though was unrelenting on the Kiwi attack as he struck 3 massive sixes and 10 boundaries on his way to match winning score of 86.

Duminy fireworks in the last 5 overs helped South Africa add 70 runs and consequently finish a lot higher than it looked for a majority of the innings.

In reply New Zealand began with morale boosting 57 inside the first seven overs. The Openers Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill making merry over the South African pacemen Morne Morkel and Lonwabo Tsotsobe . But once Guptill and Skipper Brendom Mccullum fell in quick succession, The Proteas felt a comeback was on the cards

Williamson found a great ally in Ross Taylor who clobbered 3 sixes and a couple of fours. But the return of Steyn spelled the doom for the Kiwis as he got the well set Williamson out for 51 and opened the game once again.

With a mere 7 runs required in the last over, the kiwis thought they  had the match in the bag but Steyn had other plans as he sent down a fierce over that accounted for Luke Ronchi and finally Taylor.

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The sparrow that is twittering on the edge of my balcony is calling up to me this moment a world of memories that reach over half my lifetime, and a world of hope that stretches farther than any flight of sparrows.

Donald G. Mitchell

No, it’s not about Jack Sparrow. However wonderfully the character was played by Johnny Depp, this is about a sparrow that’s infinitely more important- the common house sparrow which is, alas, no longer common. The ‘Chirp! Chirp!’ of a sparrow used to be an omnipresent sound. Now, however, it has been silenced.

Our friendly neighbours

Sparrows are a family of small passerine birds, Passeridae. They are primarily seed-eaters, though small insects also form a part of their diet. Small, plump, brown-grey birds with short tails and stubby, powerful beaks, they are physically similar to finches. Sparrows are generally birds of open habitats, including grasslands, deserts, and scrubland. Generally social birds, many species of sparrows breed in loose colonies and most species occur in flocks during the non-breeding season.

We killed them

Sparrows used to be the most widely distributed species in the world. They are indigenous to Europe, Africa and Asia. In the Americas, Australia, and other parts of the world, settlers imported some species which quickly naturalised, particularly in urban and degraded areas. Now, however, they are disappearing- and quickly. They have just about vanished from India. In the Netherlands, they are an endangered species. And a similar situation exists in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, France and Finland.

The reasons are aplenty. The rapid urbanization and population increase has led to clustered cities with high rise buildings which do not provide enough shelter for the birds. The lack of trees and greenery of any sort gives them no place for nests. The use of pesticides in farming has made crops poisonous for them. With no seeds or grains in sight, the seed-eaters have been robbed of their food. The ever-ringing cell phones which can drive crazy any sane individual prove fatal for the sparrows. Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone towers are a major reason for the decrease in the sparrow population. The lack of clean air in the cities is no less dangerous. The factors keep building up and the sparrow numbers keep declining.

It is time we woke up from our inconsiderate slumber. When was the last time you saw a sparrow? Not in the near past. What about the near future? Or any future at all? Do you not want them to return- for the chirp to come back? What is appalling is a species which is known to coexist with humans has been driven to near extinction in a matter of a few years. It shows the extent to which human activities have been damaging the planet. If this doesn’t stop, other species will follow. The World Sparrow Day is observed on 20 March to face this reality. It is time to step up! There is no time to lose. Building nest boxes and bird baths may seem insignificant, but they make a difference! Decrease your carbon footprint. Grow more trees. Make the air a little bit cleaner. Go on. Do your bit. We owe it to our feathered friends. Rise for the sparrow!

House the Sparrow

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A Phenomenon called Rajinikanth

The other day I was sitting at the reception of my dad’s firm, waiting by his usual delay to join us for a dinner programme.  Just then, the receptionist seemed to have contacted my dad’s PA and spelt the word. “Rajinikanth?”. Almost, all of us ( family and strangers) turned to gaze in astonishment, almost lionising that poor PA and ripping his identity for India’s Superstar. 

Now, why did I have to state that example in the first place?  It is to justify my belief about how sensational this actor has transpired to become to literally make that name his own (though he was named Shivaji Rao Gaikwad).  Pity on anyone else who attempts to copy his name, they are compromising on their identity.

With Raja Bahadur- Bus driver

“If one can’t dance , if one is dark and he is the finest celebrity, he is Rajinikanth”,  said our dare devil ,Ram Gopal Varma. Many a times I wonder what was in this man that made K.Balachander, ex-director of Tamil cinemas give him a break. To most of you who don’t know who Rajinikanth is ( pun intended ) let me make a brief ( unnecessary) attempt to talk about him and spice it up with interesting facts. Born in a Marathi family, he grew up losing parents and engaging in a bus services in Bangalore as a conductor. Dark skinned, colloquial slang and unskilled he was with naive acting skills. There was no reason what so ever for him to remain confident about his acting career , yet he did. He had dispassionate support from his bus driver, his partner who was his backbone and financial aid then. Even now our dear “Thalaiva” is known to furtively visit his housein a masquerade before launch of his films when he needs mental support from his benefactor , Raja Bahadur.

Meditation in the caves- Himalayas

Rajinikanth had swag, a unique and attractive way to keep his audience thrilled. He would catch a cigar with his mouth by throwing it up, he would turn his shades before wearing them and also sit erect and confident with his eyes piercing into others’. He had the charisma and confidence and most importantly, spiritual inclination. Media such as Vijay TV are known to have travelled along with him on his spiritual tours to Himalayas where he sought to meditate for tranquillity and connect with his masters.

A man of not only  billions in his account but a huge feather in his cap with million fans , plethora of fan clubs and busting audience who crave for his movies abroad such as Japan. With two daughters, loyal relationship with his wife and distributors (reimburses during flops) and simple chappals and kurtha during his award ceremony,  some really wonder how he has successfully maintained a stable mind and physic at the age of 60+.

To add onto Ram Gopal Verma’s quote “If a man cannot dance, if a man is not fair complexioned, if a man can afford a charted flight and politics yet remains grounded  and sports sandals, if a man is aged above 60+ and is yet romancing heroines of his daughter’s age on screen and people accept it, it has to be Rajinikanth!”

This is yet another story of rags to riches. So, next time you under estimate anyone around whom you consider undeserving or unequal to your stature , you never know! ~~

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Initial condition : Reading this

Wait! You made a decision just a moment ago! And what was it?  To read this article of course.  Did you know that the decision you just made might change your life? In naive terms this decision might make you come across a new word in this article- you might use that new word in your interview- the impressed HR might hire you- your passion might increase towards writing with you starting your own blog- your readership might increase or you might even become an author by interest. Did you know that the decision you made might have such a big confluence of events knitted to it ?

Butterfly Effect- graphical method

What I am trying to arrive at is that, every single step we make in this ether, ever single thought we grow, every single action we take and every single idea we have can transform things around like nothing you have seen before. I am taking about the Chaos theory often known as the butterfly effect. Chaos theory states that a small change in the initial conditions can trigger an entire new trajectory of events. To help you surmise I would like to give you a simple example. Consider a small pendulum with a bob attached to its end. Let’s presume you have given a push of 10 units to this setup. The pendulum might follow a trajectory – A. Now change the initial conditions by providing a push of 5 units. Now the trajectory of this pendulum will be B. I hope this example justifies the importance of initial conditions to trigger any event. Corollary to that, so do the ideas you chose to bring out of your mind into the universe cause.

The chaos theory is applicable in all walks of life including, educational subject like biology, physics, engineering and even advanced subjects like philosophy itself. The next time you feel stuck with a visage of anxiety in a kerfuffle, just close your eyes and smile because you never know what it all means in near future!

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