Food Fallacies

Old Grandma bustles about in the kitchen with a verve and vivacity unmatched, so much so that you would never believe she was born before Hitler perished. Her spotless apron gives away her expertise as she skillfully chops the greens into miniscule squares you could measure the dimensions of, and be ashamed of your drawing skills. Just as she puts down the knife and turns up the flame of the stove, Grandpa gives her a call from the garden. Buried knee deep in a twenty-inch trench, he asks grandma for a knife, evidently in pursuit of some prized possession. Without question, Grandma places the knife on the ground, and heads back to the kitchen when the wheezy voice is heard again. “How am I supposed to reach that? Why don’t you give it to me?” Helpless Grandma says, in her defense, “Don’t you know after half a century of being my husband, that I cannot give you a knife in your hand? It will sever our relationship!” And quietly dabbing her moist eyes with her apron, she heads for the kitchen again.

You can make out a Tambrahm when you see one. And Grandma is a giveaway. As she sets out the food on the table, it is impossible to miss her act of wetting her hand after placing the rice and before touching the curd. Her grandson hears her mumble “patthu” as she continues her chore. After a filling lunch, as the grandson sits watching TV, Grandma chides him, “Go wash your plate. Never sit with a used plate for even a minute longer than your last mouthful.” A reluctant grandson drags his feet to the sink, cleans his plate with water and resumes his position in front of the idiot box. The phone rings and the little boy’s face lights up as he hears his mother’s fond voice. After answering the general inquiries about food and health, he hands over the receiver to his grandmother. She is heard instructing her daughter not to eat anything within an hour of the onset of the eclipse that afternoon in London. “After the eclipse, you must take a head bath before laying a finger on even a crumb of bread”, she says. A few more reminders and clarifications follow, after which the receiver is returned to its holder as Grandma resumes her activities of cleaning the dining area.

Meanwhile in another part of the country, there are asthma patients swallowing live fish as an entirety, literally from head to tail, with a hope of getting rid of their chronic illness. A sneezing Jay witnesses this strange act on a news channel and is aghast by the stampede that ensues as several desperate believers fight for the coveted fish. As his mother serves him chicken soup to cure his cold, he seeks the explanation to this practice. His mother elucidates how when a live murrel fish stuffed with herbal paste wiggles its way down a person’s throat, the tail and fins help to clean the phlegm. Jay, too taken aback and simultaneously fatigued to be able to fire more questions, quietly swallows the chicken soup and goes to bed.

The large number of myths that surround a particular notion, as essential as food, are astounding. However, questioning it all and digging to its roots for a scientific basis depends upon an individual. As John. F. Kennedy aptly puts it, “the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic!”


Shreya G

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Symbolic Reconciliation

One of the longest debates that ever raged since the time mankind embarked on a quest to understand the Universe is about the creation of the Universe. Thinkers thus rally to either of the two camps: the Creationists and the Evolutionists. Each group has been relentlessly trying to prove the other wrong.

What many don’t understand is that Genesis and Evolution are two sides of the same coin. I believe that there have been a few people who have tried to put forward this point. First of all, there is no doubt that evolution is a very valid theory. Fervent supporters of Creationism would inveigh against such a statement. They believe that the entire Universe as we see it was made in a span of 6 days simply because the Bible says so. What one must realize at this juncture is that the first few chapters of the first book and most of the last book of the Bible are intensely symbolic. Interpreting them in a literal sense would be foolish.

There are two issues that merit discussion here: the beginning of the Universe and the origin of life on Earth. The Big Bang theory propounded by science seeks to explain the former issue. According to it, the Universe was once in a hot and dense state that rapidly expanded in what scientists call a Big Bang. It is believed that this occurred approximately 13.75 billion years ago. This event released a hail of subatomic particles by conversion of energy into mass according to the famous equation: E = mc2 . These particles subsequently combined to form the first hydrogen atoms. Large clouds of such atoms and ions coalesced under the force of gravity to form stars. Within these stars atoms continued to combine with each other to form still newer elements, which were released in giant supernovae when stars die. Smaller clouds comprising a mixture of such elements formed planets which were drawn towards stars by gravity to form planetary systems like the solar system.

To look at the myriad stars twinkling as we look up on a clear summer night and say that all that magnificence was created in a single day is to dumb down the infinite wisdom of God. God doesn’t work like a magician or a conjurer. He laid down the laws of science and by those very laws he designed the Universe. “Let there be light”, He said. This is the moment of creation which corresponds to that time roughly 13.75 billion years ago when a singularity appeared in space and in a fraction of time that the human mind can barely comprehend, an intense burst of matter and energy occurred. Thus matter and energy came into being: “-and light appeared.”

Many people ask, “Where is heaven?” I have no definite answer to that, but I believe that it is a different dimension separate from the four dimensions that we know of. A dimension that cannot be perceived as it is, but was created on the second day. We read that God separated the two waters by a dome called the Sky on that day. Throughout the Bible, water is used to  symbolize the Spirit. When Ezekiel spoke of the stream of life giving water that flowed from the Temple, he was talking about the Holy Spirit that flowed from Jesus Christ, the Temple which was torn down and rebuilt in three days. I believe that the water separated by the Sky refers to the partition of the spiritual world into the heavenly realm and the earthly realm.

The formation of the Earth as explained by science is an interesting study. About 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth was a hot, uninhabitable place. The earliest geological period is thus called Hadean Era, corresponding to the hellish condition in the underworld, Hades. During this time, the atmosphere was thick with numerous gases like carbon dioxide, water vapour, hydrogen etc. About 3.5 billion years ago, the surface of the Earth gradually cooled and the molten surface solidified to form the crust. At the same time, the water vapour in the atmosphere condensed and further cooled the Earth. Correspondingly, we see that on the third day, God separated Earth into land and sea.

As the Earth cooled, the atmosphere began to clear. For the first time, the sun, moon and stars appeared in the sky as we see on the fourth day. All this was to lead to that climactic moment of the creation of life. Now, in the thick atmosphere that prevailed on Earth before, a primordial mix of compounds like carbon dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen etc, along with the highly charged atmosphere with frequent lightning led to a number of curious chemical reactions. Again, I can only marvel at the ways God works, because these reactions led to the formation of diverse molecules essential for the beginning of life. Compounds like ammonia, methane etc. mixed with water and more flashes of lightning later, amino acids, the building blocks of life were formed.

One of the landmark experiments to prove this theory was conducted by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey at the University of Chicago. They sealed a concoction of compounds: methane, ammonia, hydrogen, water in a glass flask to simulate the atmosphere of Earth 3.5 billion years ago. Then they passed electricity across a pair of electrodes in the flask creating arcs of electric spark to simulate lightning. They also heated the flask to a similar temperature as that on Earth at that time. Within a day, the mixture in the flask turned pink in colour. At the end of two weeks of operation, most of the carbon in the flask had formed organic compounds. Two percent of which were amino acids that are used to make proteins in living cells. Sugars were also formed. This proved that the building blocks of life could be formed in a clever way thought out by Almighty. Of course, the compounds in the flask didn’t spontaneously become alive. That may have taken several more years of reactions.

According to the theory of origin of life called Abiogenesis, once the Earth had cooled down and oceans had formed as we saw on the third day. The skies had cleared to let the sun rays fall on Earth and in the warm shallow seas a marvelous thing happened. The organic compounds had combined in mysterious ways to form crude single celled organisms. It was the beginning of Evolution, a wonderful tool that God used to populate the Earth with a variety of fascinating creatures. We see that God first filled the seas with living beings. Many scientists believe that it was in the warm shallow seas that the first forms of life appeared. The earliest invertebrate creatures were aquatic. From the seas, life migrated to the land as amphibians and subsequently, terrestrial organisms. All this happened on the fifth day.

By the sixth day, the land and the seas were filled with plants and animals. As evolution had its way, many creatures lived and died. God took his own time with evolution to create the crowning glory of His work - Mankind. How come the Bible talks about creation in six days when it took more than 10 billion years? We need to understand that Gods timescale is mind bogglingly different from ours. Moses and Peter had a vague idea about this difference. “A thousand years to you are like one day..” (Psalm 90:4), “There is no difference in the Lord’s sight between one day and a thousand years..” (2 Peter 3:8). Of course, a thousand years is a far cry from a billion years but then, I don’t think they could have comprehended such vast time scales then.

As I understand the world around us more and more, I have come to appreciate the magnificent wisdom of God at work in the Universe. Hence I see no conflict between religion and science. Paul said, “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and the sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.” (Romans 1:20). David also mused, “The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display His craftsmanship.” (Psalm 19:1).

When I see butterflies flit by as I walk wooded paths or watch the fireflies light up the night with their gentle glows, I am convinced that this beautiful world was designed by a loving God. These ephemeral creatures embellish the world around us and serve little purpose otherwise. They are proof that the world hasn’t evolved in a clinical way as science would have it. Everyone must take time to step out on clear summer nights to watch the night sky. If one is lucky enough they might behold an exquisite, faint streak of white stretching from horizon to horizon. For those who understand that the Universe was created by God, watching the galaxy we inhabit, the Milky Way, is an intensely spiritual experience. Take time to stop and admire the world around you. God lets His creations speak for Him. All you need to do is listen.

-Roshan Sam

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Bump into the Night

Everybody always talks about stuff that goes bump in the night but do we ever think about what might be lurking on us right now and what might coexist right alongside us? Have we ever thought about what the little billions and billions of things surrounding us could do?

Here is the story of a man who wanted too much and what the universe gave him when he asked for it.

The hair on my body rises and I know that I am being chased. I want to run but I stop myself because I have to see how theses monsters look but most of all I want to know if they feel pain too. I am going to hurt them in any and every way I know and I just hope that I do not regret it. But in case I do die, it would not matter now, would it?

So now I am going to regale you all with a tale as to why I am so very curious about all that goes bump in the night.

I was 18 and broke. Now that I remember, those good old days it seems a life time away from the person I am right now. Anyway, during those times I used to work as bouncer for a club and quite enjoyed my job. I was huge, still am and all I had to do was stand there and put on a scary face. I was a month into the job when I met the craziest chick ever. She was waiting in line just like a normal woman when she all of a sudden turned abnormal. There is no other way to describe the change, she just changed. One minute she’s texting and the next she’s looking up with a very very predatorial look in her eyes. She looks right past me into the club’s interior and you could just see her gauging the distance she had to run to get inside. Me, being the very inquisitive person I am waved her over and let her in. And then I, being the very foolish person I am too followed her in.

She went past the tables, the dance floor and then I knew for certain that her destination was the private rooms at the back. She went to the first room and came back out looking pretty disgusted. The second room had her cursing and the third, well she came back running and that made me wonder what she saw in there. So she goes into the fourth room and this time she stays in there. When I reached there, I heard the loud, heated whispers coming from beyond the curtain and I risked a peep. What I saw shocked me and stunned me but most of all caused me to go weak kneed with relief. I was now certain that there are things that go bump in the night. Oh, I am not talking about the vampires, werewolves and all that fairy-goblin stuff; I am talking the real deal here; humans controlled by the lesser beings. I saw the woman and a man, her acquaintance probably with standing over a very still body and the words that jarred me the most were; “Now we can infect her and make her really susceptible to our brethren.”

We always think we are at the top of the food chain but we are not the beings that live in abundance on Earth. Have you thought about viruses; about the fact their only function is to procreate regardless of the circumstance of the host; about bacteria, about how they have formed this very intricate system with humans? It’s true. Very true in fact. Humans die if all the bacteria on them are killed so you can be sure that we shall never be rid of those pesky creatures. They shall always be there. They just diversify. If a human goes too near the sun, he is going to fry, but bacteria? We sure as hell have no idea of finding out do we? Those damn things exist even in vacuum.

So now here we are back again in the alley with my hair all standing up. I keep my feet apart and brace myself for the blow that is going to knock me out, but I never get it. I see a guy dressed in black run past me and two more men following him. Damn!

Now what to do?

-Vyjayanthi N V

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A Writing paradox

What do I write on? Where do I begin?  ……..  I feel lost in the sea of ideas. Should I write about the scrumptious meal I had last weekend at a fine dining restaurant or about the trending news topics that will attract more viewers to my website? I find myself in such a sorry state of not being shrewd.

I remember my friend grumbling about the same situation in his previous semester examination. The voice of my mom mentioning the concept of creative menopause rang in my ears. It sent a chill up my spine. Am I suffering from the same? This phenomenon happens to many musicians, film makers and artists who spin their life around creativity. I shook my head in denial not willing to accept I might be a victim at such an early age. I needed help. I needed someone to fine tune my thought process and help me pick one concrete idea I could solidly work on.


I fisted the table in frustration and pulled my hair in agony. What is wrong with me? I was familiar with such moments that make your mind go blank;  Blank like the space between the earth and the sun. The space that connects planets and makes the solar system a family. The very same space that great astronauts like Jim Lovell spent in for a month to return home safe after a failed Apollo mission 13. The portrayal by Tom hanks in the very same movie was enriching to watch. I know not if he won the Oscars though he surely deserved one. Hold on! PAUSE! Mind is running astray!

I did a very meditative breathing and sat silent with my index finger against my forehead. What do I write on? Wait a minute. Do I have to hunt for topics anymore? Voila! Nailed it!!!

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Sleepwalking: dreams and reality meld.

The last thing you remember is falling asleep contently in your bed after a long day’s work. Then the dreams start, and you’re walking through dungeons and castles, bearing silent witness to myth and majesty. Kings, priests, wizards, dragons, medusa and the gorgon are only a few of the creature you may come across on your journey. Then you wake up… and find yourself standing far away from your bed, maybe in another room, maybe calmly staring at a loved one. Maybe the loved one is staring back at you in fear.

This is a typical case of sleepwalking, a tendency prominent in children between the ages of four and eight, though even adults have been found to sleepwalk. Is it dangerous? Sometimes. Most of the time the victim’s eyes are open, unconsciously taking in your surroundings and fitting a dream around them, in which case hazards like heights and fire would be detected as hazards and thus would be avoided. In general, the sleepwalker himself remains safe during the dream. Its the people around him that need to be careful, since they may end up taking unpleasant roles in his or her dream.. Cases of rape, murder, abuse, and stranger things like cooking or eating things, edible and inedible have surfaced over the years. This does not mean the victim is completely safe from his state. Moderate dangers like snowstorms, or glass may not be noticed until too late.

Sleepwalking is caused by anxiety and a variety of other disorders. It may also be caused by physical ailments and by certain medicines. It has also tied in with being hereditary. It is often quite frightening for people experiencing the condition, and they may end up feeling helpless. But there are remedies, and therapy that can help reduce the magnitude of the problem.

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The Corporate. The Society. The Responsibility

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
Mark Twain

The Companies Act Amendment 2009 made mandatory, the involvement of every corporate in uplifting the society thus, increasing the already high levels of hype and importance to the words “Corporate Social Responsibility”.

What exactly is CSR?

Technically speaking, it is a channel which the government is creating for every company to pay back to the society. “Pay Back” can be done by spending some of the profits the company makes to those parts of the society that need the help. Few companies choose to do it independently and few go through NGOs or other charitable trusts. A very well devised scheme and beautifully nurtured idea, its aim is to try and ensure the poor don’t get poorer.

The steel plant in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh adopted a village, Reliance Industries did something akin, Hindustan Unilever limited had a health awareness campaign and the list goes on. Speaking from the moral or humanitarian perspective, it is THE kind of a step that a country like ours needs. People in need cannot wait for a policy to strike the legislature, cross the executive and finally be passed before the judiciary can lay its hands on it, and make it invisible for a couple more decades. The rich don’t have much to lose, but the gain at the other end is more than one can imagine. What is 50 lakhs to a company like HUL with a gross turnover 3000 crores per annum? In lay mans words, peanuts. It’s a win-win situation, you may call it.

Looking from the business point of view, well, this is just not business. Spending a part of your profit, for the benefit of an else is a violation of the very basic rules in this game of money. Calling CSR an initiative to increase the brand value of a product is just a farce.

Making something like this mandatory will only make it a burden which will nullify the desired effect this policy aims at. CSR is where one needs to pay more attention to the value you get and not the price you pay for it.

It has always been the case that one new step taken and the rest of the world follows, clones the idea and repeats it. CSR has become the new rage in the same way. Understanding what is right for CSR and what will sell as CSR is the thin line that does the quality assurance. When the whole world is looking in the same direction, it is your perspective that has to stand out.

Technicality aside, Responsibility is not an act that can be performed but it is a state of being. Being Responsible towards the society does not have to involve sharing your hard earned money or setting up a school or adopting a village. It can be something as small as giving a lift to an old lady in your cab, sharing your lunch when you are the cook, giving away a free umbrella from your store or teaching your maids child. It cannot be judged as wrong or right, just effective or not. You cannot state its pros and cons, profits or loss because at the end of the day, it is the good will behind the motive that matters.



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DB Cooper: A criminal fairytale

cooper featured

“Thank you for choosing Northwest Oriont Airlines,sir. Enjoy your flight”. The man snatched back his boarding pass and slipped it into his suit with élan. He sat down at 18C and lit a cigarette. His hairline suggested mid-forties and the black attaché gave him an air of business. As the plane took off, he ordered a bourbon and soda. The next time the air hostess passed him by, he passed her a note. He watched her crumple it and let it fall into her purse, treating him like just another lonely businessman eager for a lady to be in possession of his phone number. “Miss, you’d better look at that note, I have a bomb.”

Thus began the only unsolved crime in US Aviation history, the legend of DB Cooper. He has gone into folklore as a modern day Robin Hood, a criminal who was respected by the very people who were his victims. It was a bloodless crime, it’s only effect being a fractional impact on a big company’s deep pockets, and on the FBI’s bloated ego.

DB Cooper demanded 200,000$ in cash, four parachutes and a fuel truck waiting in Seattle to refuel the aircraft. After informing the passengers that their arrival in Seattle would be delayed, he ordered the pilot to circle around the airport till his demands were met. As the flight stopped in Seattle, Cooper offered to request meals for the flight crew, and even paid his drink tab (along with a tip). All the 36 passengers were released in Seattle, and Cooper collected his parachutes and ransom money in 20 dollar notes.

The aircraft took off again, with only Cooper and the flight crew. Cooper asked the crew to remain in the cockpit with the door closed. Soon after, a light started blinking, indicating that the aft air stair had been opened. The crew felt a drop in air pressure, and that was it. DB Cooper had disappeared, jumped off a plane with 200,000$ strapped to him.

He even got a character based on him (and named after him) in popular TV show ‘Prison Break’

The FBI launched the biggest manhunt in history to catch him, as every day he wasn’t caught was a slap in their face. They never managed to, and the fate of DB Cooper remains a mystery to this day.

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Friend or Foe?

The two term prime minister of Britain, Benjamin Disraeli once said “Fear makes us feel our humanity “.  When I stumbled upon his quote in my prime, I hardly believed I understood what he had to convey. As children, we are always fun loving, care free and our parents bear the brunt of our tantrums. They pep our spirits up and save our day most of the time.

It’s when you slowly start growing older that your fears transcend from simple concepts like the dark/ class teacher/ principal to life/family/friends/opportunities/love. My life so far had several twists and turns, it has always been sinusoidal- ups and downs. I am known to be a person of determination but I know that I lack consistency a bit. I cannot say the credit belongs to me. I was not a solitary soldier, I had multiple divine interventions.

Face your fear!

As a tot of 2nd grade, I feared my swimming classes the most. I couldn’t float my thin body and I succumbed to absconding my turn to jump and swim across the pool during classes. I would cunningly manage to send every friend of mine forward in queue and waste the entire time and walk out happy. Eventually this didn’t work at all. I gradually realised one thing. I was not afraid to swim!  I was afraid of drowning. ! There is a huge difference.  It took me a lot of time to pamper my heart and make my muscles work constructively to float me. I became the master of swimming, I conquered my fear.

People who are average performers in class will be very light minded and easy going attitude. They do not face a lot pressure of competition. They know the trick to be calm and cool and yet be happy with what they receive. Sometimes, I envy them. My fear of exam and fear of losing my image amongst people has been one of the major impetuses to do well in my examinations always. But I realise this ain’t true spirits. I still suffer from this fear of a proper future without good exam performance. I fear acceptance in the world and I know I must give up on it and learn the cool attitude and yet be responsible.

Fear is an inevitable part of human being. Fear of fire has made us invent extinguishers, fear of meat has given us agricultural inclination, fear of flowing rivers has given us bridges; fear is an integral part of life that makes us better individuals marching towards progress. Fear has to be faced. We have to work on it. Fixing a fear can make changes to your monotonous life. Change can be really enriching and enlightening. I am today the best swimmer of my class capable of underwater swimming along the pool length, a person working on the fear he captivates for the people he loves and an individual motivated to improve himself and stand out, not on the basis of fear of rejection from the world, but an optimism that will make me unique. Remember guys, “To fix it, Risk it! “. !

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Of Mythical Monsters and Men

If snakes terrify you, this serpent will send chills up your spine. Every other reptile (Basilisk included) pales in comparison. Introducing the Hydra, a stuff of Greek legend. The progeny of Typhon and Echidna, it was fabled to guard the Greek underworld.

If you thought Ravana had a head too many get ready to be blown away.  Some say the Hydra had far too many heads for the painters to paint, however it is generally accepted that it possessed lesser than 10 heads. This of course was courtesy of the traits of its parents: Typhon had a 100 heads and Echidna was part serpent-part maiden. The deadly nature of the Hydra came from the fact that if one head was severed, two would grow in its place. Its trail was toxic and its breath could kill any being on the face of the Earth. It wasn’t long before the Hydra was proclaimed public nuisance number one, devouring cattle and man alike.

The Fabled Hydra

What added to the Hydra’s widespread popularity (along with its terrifying characteristics), is how it met its doom. Enter Hercules. The King of Tiryns, Eurystheus, sent him following incessant reports of the serpent’s wrath. Hercules followed the seven sure-shot steps to slay the beast-

  1. Get the monsters attention with flaming arrows.
  2. Behead the beast, multiple times.
  3. Upon realizing the genetic head spawning mechanism the beast possesses, summon your charioteer and seek his assistance.
  4. For every head you slash, assign your trusty sidekick to cauterize each open stump.
  5. Repeat the above until all but one head (it’s strongest) remain.
  6. It is time to improvise. Smash the final head with a club. Use excessive force.
  7. Just to make a statement, use your bare hands to tear the head off.

The beast of Lerna has been slain. Alternate versions to the story speak of a giant crab, sent by goddess Hera, that joins the fray. Needless to say, Hercules returned home to a pompous celebration. He dipped his arrows in Hydra blood, making them as deadly as can be.

It is often believed that the fabled Loch Ness monster of Scotland is simply a manifestation based on the legend of the Hydra. The Hydra still remains a popular mythological creature, even featuring in the Disney film Hercules. Bloody, heroic and chilling, the tale of the Hydra lives on.

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Goodbye, Little Light Box

Only 90s kids will get this is one of the more common edicts pillared across the internet. Image macros of Walkmans, Swat Kats, and the ever menacing Furby dolls stay true to ensure the integrity and legality of this rule of law. Video clips of NSYNC and Seinfeld are regularly circulated just so that the internet reminds itself that yes, it is indeed, the 90s kids who get it. The fondness for the decade, which was well endowed with parachute pants and a thinner Mariah Carey, stems from a multitude of good reasons apart from the two listed previously in this sentence. Keeping today’s society under the lens, it’s easy to note that the majority of the workfoce-without-work enjoyed the best years of their life during the very same decade. The ill-fated children of the baby-boomers saw their lives head up the roller coaster, up into the clouds, at the very precipice of the steep fall that was to come.

Recent studies, however, indicate that the last of the most loved decade ever is now 14 years past the present day. As natural trends would have it, it is not long till a new generation, with their own tribulations find themselves reeling and yearning for the days of old.

From what is known, this has probably begun.

Just as floppy diskettes eroded towards mainstream obscurity and VHS morphed into a rare collector’s item, the point and shoot camera has become no more than an unnecessary electronic home and travel appliance, if it’s ever bought that is. With a growing industry of mobile photographers and an already established network of DSLR enthusiasts, the need for an intermediary photography unit is at a steady decline. From a purely technical point of view, the only visible intermediary per se would the toxic combination of teenagers, SLR cameras and Facebook accounts.

The point and shoot digital cameras were a marvel in its heyday as they provided casual means for photography. It was lightweight, compact, travel friendly and easy to use. It provided amateur photographers such as your every day Japanese tourist a way to make a running gag out of themselves on the internet. The first few camera phones, as hyped as they were, proved to be very diminutive competition for the little light box. The grainy VGA cameras embedded in the phone’s body accomplish very little as far as compelling a consumer to give up their cameras were concerned. At the same time, the market was rife with activity, innovation, and vaguely made advertisements as Sony-Ericsson and Canon began to launch high end point and shoot units.

Japanese Tourists
Courtesy Yuval Haimovits

And then, entered the duopoly of Android and iOS, putting an end to the peace and stability. They weighed even lighter, were more compacter, more travel friendly and easier to use. The effects of the two operating systems were not exactly as direct as one would imagine. The pictures taken with these phones were initially quite underwhelming but the amount of things that could actually be done with the pictures allowed the smartphone to claw its way up the technology ladder. As the quality of the pictures got better, the idea of networking with them surfaced. People could now take a picture, add some filters onto them as they please, put them up on a social network or just intimately send it to a friend. The traditional 2000s camera could take the first of the above steps and it would just as much end right there.

The trusty point and shoot was once a staple for capturing the happy moments of birthday parties, casual family nights, road trips and general every day events. Now though, this little light box is something which only the ‘00s kids will get.


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