Aravind U.Shenoy

Role: Writer
DOB: 25th November 1994
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: N/A
Contact No: 0
Current Project: Furore,Creating a fiction 101

Me @ Fishbowl:

I've been a content writer as part of the fishbowl network, or fishbowl as we more lovingly put it, since its conception, and firmly believe it is a place where ideas grow and receive the care that they require. I've been the editor of Furore for a brief duration, releasing four issues. I look ahead for further soulful work and a team that aims and reaches for the sky.

Hobbies, Interests and Ambitions:

I have a long relationship with fiction, over twelve years of my twenty so far, since I was told the stories of classics such as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Moby Dick, Treasure island and much more, and I must say, no relationship I've been through has come close to the amount of passion or the kinds of nuances I've come across in this one. Along with my frequent bouts with reading and writing, I have an interest in free thought and philosophy, and a less steady love for role playing games on various platforms. The bridge joining the lands of fact and fiction, art and science is my home away from home.

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