Shakthi Hari N V

Role: Designer
DOB: 30th September 1995
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 24A, Ramupillai complex, sannathi street Jayankondam(po), Ariyalur(Dt) 621802 Tamil Nadu, India
Contact No: 0
Current Project: Illustrator

Me @ Fishbowl:

When I came to know about The Fishbowl Network and especially about the Furore magazine, I understood that it was the perfect platform that I was searching for throughout my first-year in this college.I ended up meeting some people in The Fishbowl Network. And then I started painting for Fishbowl. Though I did only a few work-pieces, I gained good experience .I painted a boy's half face while the other half was left black and white. That was the first time I did a painting like that. I also painted an artist painting his own self-portrait which was symmetrical.I made a painting that depicted a glass half filled with a liquid while there were people in the bakground like in a silhoutte. Then after a few months, Fishbowl offered me a permanent membership as an Illustrator. Right now I am working on a cartoon design.

Hobbies, Interests and Ambitions:

"I have a wide range of hobbies which includes painting, sculpting, soap carving, digital designing, reading comics and novels,etc.., Though I do different things at different times, I always had a craze for pencil sketching. I couldn't explain why it was when people were asking why. But it simply was my favourite and I developed an interest for painting and sketching. And that was the reason I developed a taste for digital designing which helps me a lot now.I even had a little bit taste for music and that made me learn keyboard and drums. Even though I am not that good at them I just loved playing them. Because music could throw away my depression. And again I have a large set of Interests. I just loved painting and I thought knew that it fulfilled my life whenever I felt alone or down. I developed my own style of painting and it started growing out of the box in the field. Hence I decided to stick on to designing. But the world never lets you to stick onto something for a very long time. When I joined my college, I was expected to do designs digitally and hence I started learning designing digitally. Though it helps me a lot now and I was able to survive with whatever I learnt, I just couldn't leave painting and I was longing for an opportunity which was fulfilled by TFN. And I really thank Fishbowl for that. Thinking about my ambitions, I am still searching for what i want for my future. Though my mother wanted me to become a doctor, my father wanted me to do civil service, I chose to become an engineer. And they are very happy about me. But I always wanted to become a full time artist. I have seen people looking at an oil painting for an hour or even more time. And I am one of them who could just stand at a place looking at a beautiful painting for an entire day. whenever I gift my friends, my first choice would be a painting. So whatever job I may do in my career for any number of years, I am sure that I would end up as an artist."

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