Sushmita Preetu Binil

Role: Writer
DOB: 12th January 1996
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Dubai Residential Oasis Building, Damascus Street, Al Qusais50999 DXB 50999 DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact No: 0
Current Project: Furore Magazine

Me @ Fishbowl:

I have worked primarily on the Fishbowl Network Newsletter along with the Shreya Ganesh providing content, helping with design and taking interviews.

Hobbies, Interests and Ambitions:

"My hobbies generally include reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. Be it a paper on a disease with a name I can hardly pronounce to a children's story that took me to a magical world with witches and fairies, talking animals and dragons and a lot more. Besides reading, I love to swim be it in a pool or the open sea. I also enjoy painting and bringing to life the images I see in my head. I love creating meaning from colours. Interests are psychology and behaviour. Everything we do is an emotional response to an event that's happened or is yet to happen. I am also interested in the origins of mankind and what lies in the great beyond. Blackholes, supernovae etc perk my intrests. I wish to enter the genetical engineering field. I want to work there to ensure that the humanitarian values are always present and to ensure that success doesn't mean one can become God. Also, wish to be able to prevent children from being born crippled, stop hereditary diseases from affecting future generations."

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